Breanna Leslie

Hello! My name is Breanna Leslie and I won’t go into my age. Let’s just say I grew up when Myspace was still a thing and being in someone’s top 8 was the highlight of your life. I later earned a B.S. from UCF and an M.A. in psychology from Marshall University. Yes, I was brainwashed when I graduated. However, when I had my daughter in 2016, I started paying more attention to politics and realized that I’d been on the receiving end of the typical indoctrination prescription for the last seven years. Political topics that went in one ear and right out the other in college were suddenly causing serious dissonance. However, when you talk about politics at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, people get pretty sick of listening. So, I dove into freelance writing with an emphasis on political commentary, which is how I found American Pigeon. Now, I get to share the spoils of my near-constant internet research.