Rittenhouse Verdict: Justice Prevails Despite False Media Narratives

November 20, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges in the trial that has captured America, the news, and all social media for the last few weeks. The moment of justice was long-awaited and, for many, the lead-up was riddled with anticipation and dread. 

Kyle was declared guilty the moment he pulled the trigger. Mainstream media outlets wasted no time in labeling him a white supremacist, a domestic terrorist, and much worse. 

However, with so many independent journalists on the ground, the public had the unique opportunity to view the incident up close (and later, from the drone footage the FBI conveniently withheld). Therefore, the public could form educated opinions on the actions, intent, and consequences of the events in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Many hoped and expected a not guilty verdict. Yet, even with a jury that has spoken, knowing the intricate facts of the case, we are going to be met with the kicking, screaming, and whining of the corporate press, which hails to the liberal agenda. Justice isn’t enough. Justice isn’t their goal. 

Social media is already echoing sentiments that this verdict is a sign of white supremacy in this country: white supremacy in a case that involved three white men attacking a teenager. Again, Kyle did not shoot a person of color, despite the media smearing him as a full-blown racist. 

This case was never about the truth for the mainstream media. It was about using the media-fueled riots and what followed to achieve the end point of a political agenda. It was about inciting further racial divide and using a seventeen-year-old to put the AR-15 on trial. This case, for the Left, was and will continue to be used as a political tool as the fallout caused by the Jury verdict ensues. 

A handful of liberal journalists admitted to seeing a different side of the case after pertinent details unfolded on live television. The mere fact that many didn’t know Kyle defended himself against three white men and not a person of color should tell you all you need to know about media motives. 

The truth doesn’t matter to them. It doesn’t matter to BLM who is already reacting to the verdict, and it certainly doesn’t matter to our Commander-in-Chief, who has already expressed anger in regard to Rittenhouse’s innocence and suggested Rittenhouse was a white supremacist. Truth, justice, and the right to self-defense does not matter anymore.


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