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forced diversity

Forced Diversity: A Utopian Vision

“Diversity”—meaning everyone looks different and thinks the same—is the unquestionable dogma among modern progressives. Institutions today hire for immutable characteristics and sometimes even sexual orientation. University professors are required to submit “DEI statements” in pledge of their allegiance to the dogma or face tenure rejection. Dissidents, even when they bear

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Women: Equality Between the Sexes

Prelude What is a woman” has been the central most controversial question since the release of Matt Walsh’s documentary (see my film review here); however, it has been a long time coming that our conception of a woman, and a man, has very greatly remodeled itself in the Western mind. For equality’s…

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woke company

Rainbow Corporatism: How the Left Institutionalized Wokeism

Wokeism elicits a fantasy of subversion. Roger Scruton’s characterization of the gauchiste—the rich college kid—is instructive here, whose ideas that once occupied the café now occupy the institutions. And yet, as Jacob Yusufov so wonderfully observes, the “Woke” New York City college kids could never be the gauchiste by Scruton’s

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