Mounting Censorship: White House Flagging Posts for Facebook, says Psaki

Jen Psaki

July 17, 2021

Are we the frogs boiling in the water?

Based on Jen Psaki’s latest statements to the press where she admitted the White House was flagging posts of misinformation “for” Facebook, it’s hard to deny we’re in the pot. Psaki came out backing censorship, citing the dangers of misinformation pertaining to Covid-19 and how fast information spreads. 

Censorship isn’t new. But the articulation of the administration’s role is alarming. She said they were flagging “for” and not ”to” Facebook. In other words, the government is telling a “private company” what is and isn’t allowed on their platform. That flagrantly violates the First Amendment. 

Now, some may argue she didn’t intend to phrase her statement that way. However, given the way she reported the dangers of “problematic posts” stating that they were increasing their research and focus on the spread of disinformation, believing that it was a slip of the tongue is a hard sell. It appears intentional. 

This is coupled with her additional statements that anyone banned from one platform should be banned on all social media sites. Psaki then doubled down on calls for censorship, which is a sounding alarm for freedom of speech. We are watching the degradation of our rights in real time. 

Citizens cannot deny that the government and big tech are closely linked, but the newly emerging information regarding censorship offers a window for the public to see that they’ve practically merged. If the White House is telling Facebook what can be posted and who can post, we’ve reached the point where the hand of the government is planted firmly over our mouths. That’s nothing new for independent news outlets, but those that have supported the flagging of posts in some contexts are seeing the “slippery slope” many in the United States have been warning about for years. 

If all of our news comes from a few key players, and they’re all on Biden’s team, how can we trust anything that comes from their channels? They’ve censored Ivermectin, shut down a sitting President’s social media, and buried the mounting evidence of election fraud under biased articles that attack the merit of auditing an election riddled with inconsistencies.

So, are we the frogs in the boiling water? Maybe. But perhaps if those of us that have already jumped out croak loud enough, we can alert everyone else to the rising temperatures because it doesn’t appear that anyone will turn off the burner.


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