Facebook Censors Johns Hopkins Stats, Spreads False MSM Articles


September 7, 2021

Freedom of speech is slipping away as independent journalists everywhere toe the line with what they can and cannot say. From podcasts, to articles, to one line tweets, it seems no one is safe from the strong arm of “big tech law.” Say too much and you’re cancelled, but if you don’t scream your support for certain activist groups, you’re a fascist. 

But believe it or not, Facebook has reached a new low in their venture to control the narrative. Recently, they’ve made it their mission to flag comments containing screenshots and links to Johns Hopkins Weekly Hospitalizations Trends, a graph which breaks down the ICU and inpatient capacities of all fifty states. 

Despite being a reputable source and an outlet of up-to-dateinformation available to every individual on theinternet, the Facebook regime has concerns about their content being “spam.” It’s a peculiar label for a site that merely displays numbers and ratios of COVID patients vs. non-COVID patients. There’s no political bias or angle, strictly data. So why is Facebook concerned about the site?

Perhaps, because it conflicts with the image of COVID patients overflowing in every hospital across the U.S. But with the media giants dedicating their time to perpetuate false stories about fake gunshots and ivermectin overdose, should we really be surprised?

Maybe false reporting is the real pandemic because the Associated Press also had to issue a correction on an ivermectin-related story when they claimed a Mississippi poison control center was wrestling with an increase in calls of which 70% were ivermectin overdoses. In reality, ivermectin-related calls accounted for 2% of the call volume, an error of 3400%. 

And yet, these stories were allowed to spread like wildfire while actual data from a research hospital is flagged. Why? Plainly put, the media conglomerates work for one side and that side does not wear red. 


With all this rampant censorship, we rely on our readers to spread our content.

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