Right Wing Hypocrisy: Identity Matters; Agree or You’re a NEOCON RINO

News Flash: Anyone can be a conservative. Conservatives aren’t a monolith. There are conservative individuals from all walks of life. Not everyone is a NeoCon Rino just because they don’t agree that someone’s self-prescribed identity bars them from holding conservative values. If you don’t like it, there are others to vote for. Calling conservatives neocons and rinos because they aren’t expressing disapproval over Jenner strictly for being transgender is ridiculous.

According to a UC Berkeley/Los Angeles Times poll, “Only 6% of the 10,289 California voters polled April 29 to May 5 said they supported Jenner, including just 13% of Republicans. Nearly half (49%) of voters do not want Newsom to be recalled, versus 36% who support his recall, and 52% approve of his job as governor.”



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