WATCH: Springfield Public Schools Holds Board Meeting Over LGBTQ Concerns

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A Springfield Public Schools board meeting hosted by the Human Rights Campaign as a "Pride Rally," in Pennsylvania, September 22, 2022. A student with a Trump flag is seen amongst others waving LGBTQ flags.

September 23, 2022

Springfield Public Schools (SPS) in Pennsylvania held a board meeting today at Springfield High School after some parents, teachers, and students were concerned about dangerous rhetoric toward the LGBTQ community. In August, protestors wanted SPS to revisit a districtwide policy that prompted a Kickapoo High School principal to ask teachers to remove pride flags from the classroom, according to Springfield News-Leader.

The issue caught the attention of Democratic State Representative Crystal Quade who went out to the protest to show her support and ask those individuals holding signs for their concerns and ideas.

The district once again made headlines after a pro-LGBTQ group, PFLAG Springfield, reportedly protested against the removal of flags and other policies it considered “anti-LGBTQ+ and specifically transphobic rhetoric.” The group of Springfield parents, friends and family members of LGBTQ students rallied against a radio talk show, KWTO, featuring two Springfield school board members.

The board members spoke about gender identity issues. Board member Steve Makoski, guest host of the two-hour show on KWTO said that gender identity issues “hinder student achievement.” Maryam Mohammadkhani, board vice president, questioned the impact of “Safe Space” stickers in the classroom.

Makowski, Mohammadkhani, and another guest, a public policy advisor for the Missouri Baptist Convention, expressed concern that adults in the school system may “groom” vulnerable students, either ideologically or sexually, Springfield News-Leader reported.

Today’s board meeting was hosted on the Human Rights Campaign website as a “Pride Rally.” The event description also took aim at State Representative candidate Nicole Missino and gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano:

Join HRC and local activists as we gather in support of LGBTQ+ students and supportive teachers in Delaware County’s Springfield School District.

State Representative candidate Nicole Missino, who is running against HRC-endorsed Rep. Jenn O’Mara, is using a strategy of bullying Springfield teachers over their displaying of LGBTQ+ pride and trans pride flags in their classroom to score political points.

She has invited anti LGBTQ+ candidate for governor Doug Mastriano to join her at the school board meeting Thursday to grandstand on her perceived grievances. Let’s show them hate has no place in Delco!

In the video captured by American Pigeon a student could be seen with a Trump flag amongst other LGBTQ flags. As the board tells those with flags to keep them stationary, the student walks to the back to set the flag on the wall and an adult with glasses could be heard telling the student, “You can meet me outside.”

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