Triple Vaxxed Karen Harasses AP Reporter

covid karen
A "triple vaccinated" woman harasses our reporter on the subway in NYC. (Yaakov Strasberg/American Pigeon).

December 7, 2021

Early this morning, American Pigeon reporter Yaakov Strasberg was at 34th street Penn Station in New York City waiting for the subway when he was confronted by a woman for not wearing a mask.

He recorded the altercation and tweeted, “Early this morning as I was going on the subway in Penn Station (NYC) after a 2 hour bus ride from Philly, an anti-Semitic mask Karen harassed me for 15+ minutes in the station & on the subway.”

As seen in the video, the woman initially questions his Judaism, suggesting that he’s exempt because he’s Jewish. “I guess you’re exempt because you’re, what, Jewish?”

Yaakov quickly retorts “What does that have to do with my Judaism?”

“That’s why you’re not wearing a mask,” she says.

Later in the confrontation, Yaakov asks her if she’s vaccinated. She said she was “triple vaccinated.” So “why are you wearing a mask,” he asked.

This incident comes at a time when Mayor Bill de Blasio has implemented a new mandate for the city, requiring children as young as five years old to show proof of vaccination in order to dine out or go to theaters.


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