‘Pay to Slay’ Reawakened as Israel under Blitzkrieg-styled Fire by Hamas Extremism

May 13, 2021

Weak Middle East policies labeled the “Pay-to-Slay” have been reinforced by the incoherence of the Biden administration’s commitment to maintaining the Abraham Accords, a normalization process agreement between Israel, the UAE, and other signatories such as Bahrain, which was mediated by the United States during the Trump administration. Inconsistent policies and mixed messages via appointees have sent one clear message to militant groups in the Gaza strip. Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of ACLJ, stated that Biden intended to revive the “Pay to Slay” policies, which is the name used to describe terrorism in the Middle East, notably in Israel, that is funded by U.S. aid to radical extremist proxies. 

In addition to Sekulow’s comments, Ric Grenell, ACLJ Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy, noted that Biden’s “weak policy” had directly caused the escalations observed in recent developments. 

Biden administration enforces Iran policy 

The Biden administration is in favor of the Iranian regime’s al-Quds party, known in English as IRGC. IRGC is the governing party of the Iranian regime, its militant armed service, made famous during the Trump administration for its fallen commander Qasem Soleimani. Ellie Cohanim, the Trump administration’s State Department spokesperson against antisemitism, noted that the word “al-Quds” in Persian means “Jerusalem” which describes the political party and a military task force of the Iranian regime as “the Jerusalem liberating task force.” 

Map of the rockets fired triggered by sirens going off in western Israel as escalations continued posted by ELINT News. 

Chaos seizes the country 

Red alerts in Israel; Chaos seizes the country.

The attacks on Israel were orchestrated in the formula and model of Iranian-backed proxy militia orchestration. Rockets fired by the Hamas element from Gaza have been incessant, attacking civilian elements, including buses and residences. Likewise, an important pipeline in Ashkelon caught fire in the hail of missiles from behind the PA line, Palenstinian Authority Line. 

As Biden walked back Trump administration sanctions, violence by Palestinian Authority leader Mohammed Abbas followed. Incitement of violence instigated at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Protestors brought a pile of stones to hurl at Jews as they gathered in the mix of Ramadan fasting-breaking worshippers. Israeli police retaliated. Children and civilians were killed on either side. The West sounded an outcry, a chorus of hypocrisy. The Western world, particularly leftist Americans, argued that the Jews of Israel were “colonizers” and “occupiers.” They failed to realize that the Jews of Israel, who bear the ethnic name of Judea, Jerusalem as the identifier of their race, have had an historic continued presence in the region for 3,000 years. 

Basic facts the radical left denies regarding Israel and the PA 

The Jews and Arabs of Israel have a common ancestry that is identical in antiquity, through the shared ancestor Abraham and ethno-similarities throughout the Middle Ages and modern history. 

Both groups have legitimate claims to coexist in the region, but due to ancient blood feuds and radical extremism, the two communities have never been able to fully integrate, see the Tikvah Fund for more information. That said, Jews and Arabs have equal rights under the Israeli constitution as it is written. 

The conflict between Arabs and Jews can be explained under three key elements. 

One, the fact that the Arabs do not believe the Jews should be allowed to settle in the land. Extremists have exploited this deep-seated social animosity to influence the radicalization of youth and justify murdering Jews. This elicits a violent response from the Jewish population. 

The Arab-Israel war was declared by the Arabs opposed to the UN charter. The Arab communities lost control of various territories during the events of the war, and the conflicts that followed. These were brought under the control of the state. The circumstances and civilian casualties that resulted from this territory are the bedrock of fueled hatred that keeps the conflict going. 

The extremist groups that instigate conflict exploit this reactionary response on both sides to benefit from the constant incitement of violence. Fake news is employed, lynch mobs are dispatched, children, women, and elderly are exploited for casualties that serve the propaganda. This is a common tactic of extremism, but in Israel, with the stakes of interest in the cultural value of the nation, these tactics stand out loudly and challenge the world view of the parties intended as the audience. 

Two, the conflict is defined by religious fundamentalism 

The religious fundamentalism of the conflict between the Israeli Jews and Arabs is secondary to the blood feud over the right to the territory. The blood feud over territorial settlement legitimacy is ancient, as the tribes descending from Abraham have often contended over their heritage rights to the lands that were his ancient ownership. Despite this fact, the historical texts of all three of the Abrahamic religions note the fact of a Jewish state in the region of Judea in antiquity. 

Historical books of the Middle Ages and recent history note that Jews remained present, even in diminished numbers, in the territory, even after the Diaspora was scattered abroad. This continued presence and coexistence of Jews and Arabs in the region highlights the fact that the Jewish settlement is not a colony, but a repatriation project that, due to the complex issues presented to social integration, took a negative turn, and was affected with harsh consequences by politicization and political corruption. 

See some of these arguments made by Jewish advocates as well as Omani Arab advocates for Israel. 

The religious element of the conflict prevents the surrounding Arab states from taking an unequivocal stance against the provocations by Arabs within Israel. The Al Aqsa mosque is sacred in the Muslim religion, and it is the religious element that the rest of the Muslim world defends, even sometimes at the expense of a meditative policy. 

Extremism likewise targets and exploits the known response of the Muslim world so that the Muslim world will respond to the narrative that the extremist element creates for them rather than in solidarity with Muslims. It is for this reason that a common argument arises among Israels Arabs, concluding that the greater oppressors of the Israel-native Arab are the Hamas and al-Fatah joint power. 

Three, the conflict is fueled by the ignorance of foreign rhetoric

The Western world has set-in-stone ideation of diplomacy and democracy. It is for this bullishness that many on both sides of the bipartisan divide fail to understand the complexity of the conflict in Israel, which is ancient. Rather than influencing a neutral mediation, the Western world in the name of “freedom” and “decolonization” and anarchistic cultural Marxist buzzwords supports a Free Palestine movement. This radical agenda fuels the leftist umbrella of social awakening and has little to do with the human rights argument in Israel. 

Why Israel is not a “colony” or an “apartheid” 

The Gaza strip is partitioned off with walls and other militarized defenses because that locale, known commonly as the Palestinian Authority, is under the radical militant political control of the union between the Hamas and al-Fatah factions. Hamas and al-Fatah take mentorship from Lebanese Hezbollah and are backed by the militant terror proxy finance of the al-Quds force within the Iranian apartheid. 

Israel is not an apartheid for the reason that, outside of the hostile zones controlled by extremisms, Arabs and Jews have identical legal rights.

Western hypocrisy in Israel policy 

The Western left failed to acknowledge that the Jewish people were resettled legally by a charter of the UN in the region following World War 2. This stands in stark contrast to the United States, which, even though it exists from the roots of colonies and pioneer settlements built directly on land stolen from Indigenous tribes, is allowed to exist and has the international legal right to self-defense. 

Rachel Brooks is an editor at New African Living Standard and Contributor at American Pigeon 


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