NY Approves Vaccination Passports: Give us Your Papers, or Else

March 28, 2021

Vaccination passports, or certifications, proving recent COVID vaccination or a recent negative test may become mandated across state lines, including international travel, if Democratic politicians and their sheep have their way. A full report on its standards and policy were reported by USA Today here.

These are currently being deliberated to come in the form of an app, using blockchain technology to protect confidentiality and privacy, but will come with a personal QR code that can be scanned.

It’s possible that venues like Madison Square Garden will use this; however, for permission from big brother to have larger weddings and events, this mandate would prove useful to those that feel they even need permission. As USA Today reported, the passport “already enables people to increase the size of a wedding party, or other catered event.”

Enables. Because hundreds of thousands and millions weren’t able to gather in the name of racial justice, to praise the premature victory of Joe Biden, or to riot and destroy businesses for months on end. It seems that for all of these events, where a total of millions have gathered around the country, before vaccinations and back when masks were the end all be all, large gatherings were permitted.

It was only when events, states, or people that refused to wear masks or held gatherings with others, were suddenly “super-spreaders” that put the “public’s safety at risk”, despite the evidence to the contrary.

The political move comes at a time when the country is currently divided on the safety of the vaccination.

While sparse data exists on the number of deaths and side effects that occurred from receiving the vaccine, Epoch Times claimed that it was 966 deaths. Newsweek “fact” checked them, arguing that the cause of deaths are unknown and may be unrelated to the vaccine; but if this is the line of argument we’re going to use, then co-morbidities role on the numbers of Covid deaths would have also been mentioned by Newsweek in their attempt to fact-check Epoch Times. Such an argument could discredit the ‘real’ numbers of Covid deaths which no left-wing source is willing to do, unless, apparently, it’s when arguing for vaccinations.

Even if there were offered data on sicknesses and death resulting from the vaccination, it’s hard to think that they’d be reported without political intent, let alone released. For instance, Newsweek reported that it received similar numbers when investigating deaths.

“Our VAERS result showed 970 people died after being given a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine shot. Of those deaths, 495 occurred following a Moderna shot, and 475 occurred following a Pfizer shot. Newsweek contacted Pfizer and Moderna for comment.
The VAERS database is dense with data and the WONDER system might return slightly different statistics depending on how the user wants the data to be displayed, even if the search parameters are kept the same. Newsweek could not independently replicate the exact method The Epoch Times used to gather its data, but our VAERS death results were very close to those reported by the outlet.
However, it is false to say that COVID vaccines have caused 966 deaths, because the VAERS database is not designed to give this information. For example, in the dataset published by The Epoch Times, one of the people who died after getting a vaccine had also been injured in a car crash between getting the jab and the date of their death, but the case was still included in the dataset.”

Tragic deaths have been reported, although autopsies would be unable to show their cause. The recent case of a mother from Utah is one such story.

The reality: we are not aware of long term effects of a Covid vaccine, as not enough time has passed since then; hence, “long-term”. For those most vulnerable to infection and most fearful of infection, receiving a vaccine would be in their best interest, as it is their prerogative to decide for themselves the best way to manage their own health. Such is the point of individual rights.

According to the CDC, the vaccine protects against future infection: “Will a COVID-19 vaccination protect me from getting sick with COVID-19? Yes. COVID-19 vaccination works by teaching your immune system how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19, and this protects you from getting sick with COVID-19.” 

If this is true, it becomes hard to argue why Covid passports would be necessary, as those who receive the vaccine are assured that they are protected from infection. Unless, there isn’t really assurance. In which case, that would require one to admit that the CDC is lying, not telling the entire truth, or potentially wrong.

If that is admitted, then the argument that remains for injecting an experimental vaccine into one’s arm, of which we have no long term study on its effects, is based solely on the fact that receiving it would make the other side feel safe. In other words, disregard whatever individual personal risk you’re hesitant on procuring, one must only worry about what Democrats feel. 

In a world where forcing people to inject experimental substances into their own bodies for the sake of the public “good” is acceptable, it remains a symptom of our declination the excited willingness that a population feels to have their freedoms limited, and then cheer for the possibility that those that won’t wear their branded approval become extricated from society.

It’s no longer a mystery why Dr. Seuss was cancelled and removed from Amazon, eBay, and some bookstores: a man who wrote The Sneetches, which taught our equality— in the face of a machine equally using us as we were distracted by our passports of approval— needed to be cancelled, lest we realize that the enemy of our nation isn’t each other, but those manipulating us with falsities that it is each other.

Update: The CDC has since clarified statements made by director Rochelle Walensky, who went on MSNBC, to talk about whether or not vaccinated individuals are likely to get infected. Although the risk is not high, nothing is certain. The CDC has since removed that question from its website once posted here.


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