Biden’s Border Crisis: Wristbands, Sex Traffickers & Cartels

biden border crisis
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April 1, 2021

While the narrative is skewed or largely ignored, thousands of illegal immigrants, children and adults pour in every day. So far, many have not been tested for COVID-19 before being released into the country, and if they are, nothing is done about it. Independent journalist Jorge Ventura spotted illegals carrying folders with times, destinations, and a note on the back reading: “Please help me. I do not speak English. What plane do I need to take?”

The Biden Administration has refused to acknowledge the crisis at the border. To Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the crisis is not a crisis but a white supremacist problem… (We’ll let you marinate on this for awhile).

Current Policies and Messaging

At his first press conference, Biden said, “I guess I should be flattered people are coming because I’m the nice guy. That’s the reason why it’s happening. That I’m a decent man or however it’s phrased because ‘Biden is a good guy,'” Biden said. “The truth of the matter is, nothing has changed.”

He goes on to detail and attribute the conditions being faced in the Northern Triangle, such as earthquakes, crime and heat, as reasons for the surge.

Around the same time last year, surges at the border also increased. But the surge is owed to a few different factors, weather conditions being one of them.

In the first Democratic debate, Biden welcomed illegal immigration.

(Full transcript here)

The current policies of the administration to halt the construction of the wall and rescind the “Remain in Mexico Policy,” which demands that Mexico holds migrants until cleared to enter, have signaled that the border was open.

The wall had a goal of 738 miles. As of December 2020, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, “438 miles of new primary and secondary border wall system have been constructed, in place of dilapidated and outdated designs and in locations where no barriers previously existed…” With a few hundred miles left, the halt has created gaps that spreads border patrol agents thin instead of the wall helping to redirect them to high traffic areas to prevent such an influx crossings.

Biden has promised a plan to grant citizenship to undocumented migrants that were brought here illegally as children as well as other millions of undocumented migrants living in the country.

On March 18th, the House passed H.R.6 – American Dream and Promise Act of 2021. It passed 228-197. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and other Republicans, argue that the bill comes at the wrong time, with Biden’s border crisis, and doesn’t solve the problem of illegal immigration.

NY Post:The American Dream and Promise Act would apply to young people brought illegally to the US as children as well as most of the roughly 400,000 people living in the US with Temporary Protected Status as of 2017. It creates a 10-year conditional status before people can apply for citizenship. There are about 643,000 current beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — created in 2012 by President Barack Obama.”

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw argued that while Republicans are in favor of finding a solution for the “Dreamer” population, the problem with illegal immigration needs to be fixed at the source.

“When Obama first passed his DACA program, it was actually surrounding a very small part of the population. There were standards on it: you had to be a certain age, you had to come in at a certain age… This new bill has done away with all that. It actually takes away all those standards. There’s actually no age limit. So when most Americans think of what a Dreamer is, we generally think of a young college student, speaks perfect English, and they probably do have a place in American society. I actually think we all agree on that. [But] This bill would open it up massively. Basically, you could be a 45 year old man, say that you came here as a teenager, and say that you’re a Dreamer. So this isn’t really a fix for Dreamers, this is pure Amnesty.”

Watch Dan Crenshaw here:

Far-left sources like Newsweek publish articles claiming there is no border crisis. Quite literally, one recent article is titled, “No, There’s No Border Crisis. Republicans Are Perpetuating Another Big Lie | Opinion“, written by Robert Reich, a well known leftist writer. He accurately claims, as Biden himself stated, that surges increase during these months because of weather conditions when it is favorable to cross. But when he goes on to dispel claims he doesn’t agree with, he hardly contends with them. He then rants on about threats to American Democracy, etc etc. To be fair, opinion pieces don’t have to be factual— not when it’s more important to validate the President that you like.

What articles like this don’t contend with, is the fact that thousands are being released into the country, transported in buses and planes, no less, while testing positive for the virus; the Administration has granted ICE $86 million to secure illegal families in hotel rooms, and busing migrant children to border towns because there is no space; the Administration is refusing congressmen and the media to visit the border or take pictures, along with its facilities stuffing children in close quarters, while currently paving a path to citizenship that would grant amnesty to everyone.

Robert Reich disputes that last claim, although he refuses to contend with the language in bill H.R. 6, as discussed above.

Until these months, which are conducive to illegal crossings into the U.S., pass, the context of the surge of illegals will be missing that piece of information that would either prove leftists right or wrong, that this isn’t a ‘crisis’.

However, earlier this month, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who has refused to call the situation a “crisis,” said in a statement that “[w]e are on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years.”

Reuters reports that “U.S. border agents conducted 100,441 apprehensions or expulsions of migrants at the border with Mexico in February, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection said last week, the highest monthly total since [the] border crisis of 2019.”

Regardless of who is in office, this is a crisis at the border and a surge in illegal immigration, the same way the surge in 2019 is constituted as a crisis and surge.

Sex Trafficking

Secondly, with the influx of children crossing the border, many without parents, the realities of sex trafficking and coyotes (human smugglers) have been a cause for concern for these children.

Most recently, Republican senators taking a trip down to the border, were heckled by coyotes. During the debriefing tour at the Rio Grande, where smugglers charge migrants to cross, Senator Mike Braun said “All of a sudden to hear from the other side of the river taunting from the smugglers and coyotes, most of it in Spanish, telling the border guards that whatever you do, we’re coming.”

The Washington Examiner reported that “Braun and others on the trip said the crisis is Biden’s fault. They said that by messaging he would end former President Donald Trump‘s policies, end the construction of the wall, and stop demanding that Mexico hold migrants until cleared to enter, the border was essentially open.”

Texas official and Child Sex Trafficking Team Director Andrea Sparks spoke of the dark realities facing these children migrants, who are subject to sexual exploitation as a result of Biden’s policies.

“We are very concerned at the child sex trafficking team about the youth and the children who are coming across the border. They are in a perfect storm of vulnerability,” Sparks said. “They are scared. They are confused and they are very likely to end up in the hands of an exploiter from what we know about human trafficking and how it works.”

During a conference with Texas Governor Abbott, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw, mentioned the predatory cartels who will take advantage of the lenient border policies established by the Biden Administration.

“Sometimes, unfortunately seemingly ‘compassionate’ decisions made by the federal government, or federal courts for that matter, have resulted in the mass migration of woman and children to Texas and when that happens, it overwhelms Border Patrol immediately,” McCraw said.  “The cartels are leveraging those gaps.”

“The challenge they have in interviewing these children is this: they’ve been threatened by the cartels. When the cartels say, ‘if you talk, we’re going to kill your families,’…they believe them,” he continued, explaining how many young girls are subject to gang rape and forced prostitution. “When they are brought across, they are preyed upon by individuals amongst the smugglers, by the cartel operatives and others.”

Watch here:


Todd Bensman, Senior National Security Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, reports that the recent surge in mass immigration has overwhelmed the cartels, so they have resorted to using wristbands to keep track of migrants.

Jaeson Jones, a retired captain for the Texas Department of Public Safety and owner of Tripwires and Triggers, which tracks cartel activity on the border, shared images and insight with The Federalist on these wristbands. He documented images of discarded wristbands on the U.S. side of the border.
In an interview with The Federalist, Jones says that these wristbands “represent a process that says which smuggler group has moved them.”
Federalist editor John Daniel Davidson, in an article which exposes the Black Market Industry around illegal immigration, writes that these “bands are put on migrants’ left wrist at stash houses in Mexico, just across the border, before the groups come into the U.S., Jones told The Federalist. The bands all have numbers linked to a database of personal information: name, phone number, destination in the U.S., and information about family members in the country of origin, in case payments are late. Jones said smugglers will verify cell phone numbers, both of the migrant and his family back home, at the time the wristbands are distributed in the stash house.”
Earlier this month, South Texas Special Operations Group, Texas Rangers Division, found a 6-month old baby tossed in the Rio Grande after her mother had been assaulted by smugglers, throwing the baby off their raft. The mother had paid the smugglers to transport her and her baby.


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