America Minding Her Business is Not ‘Traitorous’ 

US service members wait at the Pope Army Airfield before deploying to Europe at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on February 3, 2022. (Allison Joyce/AFP via Getty Images)

February 24, 2022

If American citizens don’t trust their government, why allow that same government to influence developing “Democracies”?

Vladimir Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine sparked arguments across the West. Numerous articles indicated that anti-war Americans are “traitors” because their allegiance to American soil sympathizes with Russian motives. This argument, however, is only that of an empty ad-hominem. The government’s illogical reasoning for getting involved in foreign war only increases as politicians search for justifications to use American money and blood for their profit.

Perhaps the most popular argument in favor of intervention is that of “saving democracy.” Articles are engulfed with this narrative, stating, “…the US undermined its own role as the most powerful global protector of democracy.” 

Asserting the United States as the “world police” does not only ignore our national interests and needs, but the entire argument ignores the fact that Ukraine isn’t an actual democracy. Ukraine has historically been an oligarchy, and just 4 years ago its business sector was ranked as the 9th most corrupt in the world. Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI), gave Ukraine a score of 33 out of a perfect 100, further asserting the country’s failure to uphold standards to develop their “Democracy.”

Not to forget, that our own democracy is also immensely flawed. Since 2007, no more than 30% of the American population has expressed trust in our government. We may arguably assume that our government is responsible for supporting elite politicians and their motives through nation-building and protecting other countries while completely ignoring America’s domestic concerns. If American citizens don’t trust their government, why allow that same government to influence developing “Democracies”?

The US’s involvement in previous foreign wars shows that the American public bears its cost, while lobbyists, politicians, bureaucrats, and elites remain arguably untouched. Therefore, those in power refer to isolationist Americans as “traitors” because much of the government’s allegiance is to globalist organizations like NATO and the UN, not to the American public. Addressing domestic concerns above those of foreign nations limits the power of foreign lobbying and that threatens the wallets and campaigns of many of our government officials.

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The last two years have proven that the “free world,” who wants to combat Russia, is no longer free itself. Western leader, Justin Trudeau, invoked an Emergencies Act that froze the bank accounts of civilian protestors, giving the Canadian police power over public finances. US lockdowns and gathering restrictions have ditched Constitutional law, ignoring both the 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble and the right to petition the government. 

This is alongside allowing corporations to enforce their own mandates on employees and customers, even after local restrictions have been revoked. It’s laughable to hear President Joe Biden speak of “defending freedom” after medical mandates resulted in mass firings of American workers, punishing advocation for individual rights to medical privacy and autonomy.

Intervening in a foreign conflict only works as deterrence for domestic issues. CBS News tweeted that “The US economy has been hit with increased gas prices, inflation, and supply-chain issues due to the Ukraine crisis.” 

The tweet completely ignores that these economic issues have been occurring far before the Russia-Ukraine conflict escalated. Involvement in Ukraine would provide U.S. government officials a chance to correlate a declining economy with war, rather than focus on the origin of the economic decline, occurring over the entire last year.

The concern American politicians have for Ukraine’s borders is negligent to our own. The US border is a global breeding ground for sex trafficking and crime. Traffickers made an estimated $411.5 million by smuggling women and children over the US-Mexico border last March 2021 alone. (RELATED: Biden’s Border Crisis: Wristbands, Sex Traffickers & Cartels)

Mexican border smuggling is only one issue associated with our increasingly counterfeit domestic border. Politicians opt to ignore these issues, but race to achieve the globalist agenda in Ukraine, at the expense of American money, American blood, American safety, and American integrity.

So, when assisting Ukraine to save the “free world”, what are we saving? Democracy? No. Freedom? No, that has already largely been taken away in Western countries, not only regarding COVID proceedings. The millions of women and children who have been trafficked over our border? No. American workers and families? No. It seems the burden of war is only a burden to the general American public, while it benefits the untrustworthy goals of the government and the elite. 


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