The Future of the GOP?

November 10, 2020

Since the very beginning of Trump’s ascendency he has been attacked, vilified, demonized, and his supporters have been ostracized and defamed— to a larger extent, most have remained silent about their views, refusing to attach their faces to their views, especially in a time where increased violence is encouraged against them by prominent leftist ideologues (viewed here) like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), columnist Jennifer Rubin, Michelle Obama, and self-described member of the Obama Administration, Michael Simon, that linked “The Trump Accountability Project”. Baseless, out-of-context claims have been made time and time again that have sowed division and hate amongst Americans.

In fact, for two and a half years, if not more, the mainstream media, Democrats, and some rhino Republicans have peddled the Russian Collusion narrative, leading to the Democrat controlled House impeaching the President, whereupon no evidence was presented. In 2020, on Nov 3rd, counting from several battleground states were halted. Since then, innumerable reports, whistleblowers, affidavits, recordings, showcasing fraud, suspicious activity, and ‘systematic glitches’ in the software, as it has been responsibly covered by The Epoch Times and Newsmax, have been made readily available by public forums— whatever was allowed to seep through by the Democrat-favored and increasingly censorious big tech media publishers like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Before any of this is settled and substantiated in the courts, many mainstream news outlets called the presidency for Biden, and many other MSM outlets are once again smearing the President, if not entirely pulling the plug on him and the Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany as they have done (view here). Anderson Cooper went so far as to say that the President was “an obese turtle flailing in the sun realizing that his time is over.” But the election is not over. No elector has voted, no court has ruled. Win or lose, the lawsuits will sort out any allegations, as should be to preserve the integrity of our elections. The media’s refusal to address the many claims made by the President, his team, and the witnesses testifying in court, shows not the President’s claims as “baseless” simply because they say so, but it does certainly show their refusal to acknowledge the very real and documented work that sources like The Epoch Times, James O’Keefe, Newsmax, and conservative leaders are reporting to ensure the public stay up to date on the process— the latter of which has been increasingly censored over the past week, let alone the past few months, the media and big tech keeping legitimate information from Americans who are being made to believe that MSM is telling the truth simply because they want the same candidate.

But it isn’t the possibility of fraud that demands Republicans and conservatives continue fighting— or any American concerned about the election allegations. That should be a given, that all parties work to audit, that we settle the matter on whether or not fraud, irregularities, or ‘glitches’ took place, and then to what extent. On Thursday, November 5th, the NY Post published an article “The Media Won’t Learn”. The author, unnamed, correctly observed the response of the media: that should Biden win, as it’s projected, this will be their return to ‘normalcy’, believing Trump was an anomaly, and ignoring the fact that this was by no means a big win for Biden (to the extent, I’’ll add myself, that the GOP is likely to retain the senate, and increased their seats in the House, as well as the fact that Trump did better with blacks and hispanics setting a record for the Republican Party, while Biden did better amongst suburban whites); they will continue to ostracize and defame his supporters and consequently, dissenting conservatives. On the other hand, even if Trump does pull a win, neither he nor his supporters can expect fair coverage for the next four years, and it seems to me that, should fraud be found to the extent that enables a Trump victory, that itself would be constituted as ‘fraud.’

The balance of our American system has skewed so much toward partisan politics that the institutions on which the Republic is built is threatened.

The future of the party must go on without Trump, as the future of all parties must. One single person cannot be the face of one party forever; but it is clear that right now, this is Trump’s party, and it will continue to live on in his shadow until Republicans can rally behind an agenda representative of no one man. Trump is responsible for why the GOP has become more inclusive, diverse, and enthusiastic, setting record numbers in all these areas. We mustn’t lose this enthusiasm. But first, we mustn’t lose our nation. Nor our eclectic voices. As Republicans and even some Democrats gear up for a legal battle in support of the President, we must remember that we’re fighting for a lot more than the Presidency.


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