Fox News’ Transition, Pro-Soros stance

November 10, 2020

Changes in the country are happening very very fast. Especially in the media. It appears that on Nov 3rd, Fox made a transition. Possibly one that was decided a long time prior to the election. It did so sneakily, perhaps finally living up to its name. Beginning with Fox’s call to give Arizona to Biden, prematurely in the night before any other source called it and before even half the votes were counted, they have since rejected— like all other “news” media— any coverage of the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign where suspected fraud took place. Now, the topic of fraud is controversial but here are some certainties: over 70 million Americans voted for Trump; since the ballot counting was halted in at least 7 states (NV, AZ, GA, PA, NC, WI, MI), 138,000 ballots were tabulated, from the latest drop in the night, entirely for Joe Biden, leading to skepticism in the vote count in Michigan. Similar activity seemed to occur in multiple states in which there are now lawsuit, with plenty of evidence (witnesses, affidavits, recordings, whistleblowers) that will either be ruled substantial or otherwise in the courts.

The blatant disregard for this coverage and then the projection of the winner of the election by every mainstream media outlet, not the courts or lawful institution, is a common theme across networks, including Fox which has since denounced Trump, deeming him irrelevant. This turned out not only to be suicide for Fox News, as they experienced a record drop on Nov 7th. This came at a telling moment when, on that same day, they cancelled and suspended Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show because, as Rob Schmidt on Newsmax said, “She made a staunch defense of President Trump and wanted to expose the voter fraud.”

The reason for Fox News’ transition has been met with feeling of betrayal and led to a boycott of the network. It’s hard to say exactly where that leaves voices like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity— the former having the highest rated news network, especially among young people. What we do now, is that questions of Fox being funded by Soros is gaining traction. Dick Morris, Democratic strategist, former White House advisor, and former Fox News contributor, went on Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Reports, to talk about Soros’ potential hold on the networks. Speaking of Newt Gingrich’s being censored for pointing out Soros’ role in funding district attorney’s, AG’s and sheriffs around the country, “Soros basically descended on the criminal justice system and tried to use his wealth to elect district attorneys that were basically pro-crime,” Morris said. “And the Fox News anchor cut him off, wouldn’t let him finish. And when he started again, she cut him off again . . . and then they pulled the plug on him, and the screen went dark.”

The screen is going dark around this country. Voices are being silenced, including the President. It appears that big tech won’t be held accountable by any democrat— indeed, they’re one and the same establishment.


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