The Intersection of Islamism, Globalism, and the Anti-Western Policy, Op-Ed

(Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP)

January 9, 2022

Heavily-partisan policies censor public discourse on popular platforms such as Facebook. Our guest shares opinions about the intentional censorship in the Middle East, similar patterns in the West, and why the intersection of Islamist public policies and globalism are dangerous for the Western way of life.

Islamism and globalism, while originating from different sources, hold similarities to those who have experienced them both. 

American Pigeon Foreign Affairs editor Rachel Brooks had a chat with Shabnam Assadollahi, an Iranian human rights activist and journalist, who escaped childhood imprisonment in the Islamic regime’s Evin prison, Iran. She shared her opinions on Islamism and Globalism’s intersection in the West, and where it brings risks to Western society.

The opinions below are those of the guest. Visit American Pigeon FA for more reportage on the Islamic Republic and other current key issues abroad: 

Brooks:  I’d like to ask you about your understanding of the reality of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s (IRI) human rights abuse compared to the Western narrative about the IRI.

To understand the differences between the Islamic regime’s views on Iran and Western countries regarding human rights laws and having a strong and undeniable standard for an analogy between them, one can examine the constitution of the Islamic Republic and its daily provisions to enforce its laws on Iranians.

According to the Islamic constitution of the outlaw regime in Iran:

  • The Islamic republic’s Supreme Leader is the ruler and owner of the nation’s properties, honor, and souls. All three legislative, executive and judicial branches shall primarily enforce the orders of the Supreme Leader and do their duty to protect his interests and his (Supreme Leader) system. 

IRI Parliamentarians, who “apparently” represent the people, must, with the approval of the Supreme Leader or his appointed agents, make it a priority to adhere to the orders of the Supreme Leader.

Any issues raised in their parliament should be planned in the parliament after filtering and pre-approval by the perpetrators of the Supreme Leader, and of course, the result of the votes must eventually reach the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader for final approval.

The Islamic Republic’s Judiciary mainly plays an executive role in eliminating protesters in economic, social, trade, and other conditions by making false cases, accusations, and confessions to convict them. 

Of course, even in this regard, you can use the names of lawyers who, according to their duty, have defended their clients, but they have been sentenced to prison for accepting the representation of such individuals. 

Concerning the executive branch, it should also be said that only the president approved by the Supreme Leader can represent it.

Let me explain with a few examples:

1. In 2009, the Executive Branch, along with armed organizations led by the Supreme Leader such as the Revolutionary Guards, Basij, the Special Supreme Leader’s Unit, and terrorist groups abroad, such as Hezbollah operatives in Lebanon, Hamas, etc.

Terror is led abroad by the Terrorist Group of the Quds Force led by Qassem Soleimani. They have attempted to kill people such as Neda Agha Sultan, to oppose the popular vote. That’s how they installed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a candidate approved by the Supreme Leader to the presidency.

2. In 2019, following peaceful protests by the people over the sudden and catastrophic increase in gasoline prices, the Islamic regime started to mow down thousands of defenseless Iranians, killing at least 1,500 people in three days, (according to The New York Times).

3. In recent days, Isfahan city farmers staged a peaceful sit-in in the dried-up bed of Zayandeh Rud

(Zayandeh River in Isfahan) because of their waterlessness and in protest against the transfer of their agricultural water to other countries in the region. 

However, through its domestic and foreign terrorist groups, the regime attempted to kill and blind the farmers. 

Why? Simply because they asked for water for farming and drinking.

Did you also know that in Iran, Iranians do not even have water rights?

Considering the above, is it possible to find a right or a place to express the existence of an Iranian citizen? Does a category called “human rights “ find meaning in this totalitarian system on which we want to criticize or compare it with the rest of the world? 

Does it have any room to announce different Western perceptions of the type of human rights that exist in Iran? In particular, it is repeatedly announced in the regime’s media by their henchmen and clerics that “if you can’t accept these issues, leave the country. Iran does not belong to you.”

Unfortunately, I must say that the United Nations, neither in Iran nor anywhere else in the world, has any place or role in the field of human rights. 

Perhaps the word “human” has a different meaning in their dictionary. In my opinion, the United Nations is the only tool in the hands of globalists to carry out their orders and objectives.

The UN has multifunctional issues such as the following:

  • Having the role of safety valve 
  • Creating illusions in the world reminds us that this organization is capable of fulfilling its demands.

In this regard, I refer you to the provisions of Ms. Nikki Haley’s speech at the International Organization and her reasons for withdrawing the United States from the human rights institution when she was in charge. 

In my opinion, if this organization really can and does want to do something, why are they not asking the European and Western countries and other oppressors to stop supporting dictators so that the foreign nationals do not need to migrate and seek asylum to other countries?

Brooks: Do you believe the West is fostering dangerous lobbies in their multiculturalism that are endangering people, especially women, who have escaped the IRI?

How can we turn Western public understanding around before the dangers of these intersecting globalist/Islamic lobbyist agendas reflect back on the Western world? 

Had it not been for Islamic Republic lobby groups such as National Iranian American Council, a.k.a NIAC, in the United States (and other lobby groups of the regime under different titles), the Islamic Republic would have never been able to publicly and actively lobby in Western countries.

Their activities are such as the following:

  • Creating religious processions and mourning, such as Islamic months (Muharram and Safar).
  •  Creating money exchange businesses for money laundering.
  •  Establishing cultural centers to get government grants and recruiting agents under the pretext of culture and religion.
  • Influencing government funded agencies and departments and other governmental centers to influence decision-making, particularly in the country’s parliamentary systems.
  • Influence on educational centers of countries from schools to universities and the formation of youth in that Western country.
  • Mass construction and formation of mosques.

With regards to informing people and governments in those Western countries of the regime’s presence, it is almost too late!

During the season, when governments were dealing with and making attempts at negotiations with dictators like the Islamic regime, the IRI has had time to organize themselves, such as with their nuclear (weapons) activities, and now there is no turning back. 

Truly, the world needs honest, unbiased, and patriotic media, as well as non-corrupt, wise, and honest parliamentarians, to raise awareness and inform the people. 

A grassroots effort among the people spanning town, city, country, and state is also essential. 

Parents, teachers, students, business owners, lawyers, and the like should be involved because I guarantee you that the Islamists are working overtime in all these arenas.

Their grand jihad is the West, especially the United States of America. If one watches any of their conferences, their agenda and intentions are made quite clear.

With regards to intersecting globalism:

Now, when you’re talking about the current Government of Canada, there’s no hope for it. 

In my opinion, before talking about democracy here in the West, we need to emphasize and bring strong national security,not just for a certain group of people, of course, but for the whole of those living in the Western nations.

At the moment, I think that globalists and Islamic radical groups are exploiting our constitutional weaknesses in the field of democracy against us. 

A case in point for globalist predominance in the West is Canada. Canada has been invaded by the Trojan Horse of globalists, who have set down their footprints by multiculturalism and critical race theory, which are promoted through mainstream media outlets, in prisons, in universities and colleges, and through every other avenue they can infiltrate. 

The globalists have been tirelessly working towards open borders to create a homogenized world where ideologies, both religious and political, clash and create confusion and chaos, war, and depopulation. 

We are already witnesses to some of the fruits of their agenda. Citizens and patriotic authorities in the West can no longer sleep on these realities. They must become active and vigilant if the tide is to turn , or at least cause less damage.

Finally, yes, these activities are endangering not only women that have escaped the Islamic Republic, but also other Muslims who hold differences in their religious beliefs and convictions, and expression. 

I’ve seen the fear and extreme concern in the people I know and engage with every day. At times, I’ve had to intervene on their behalf because of cultural clashes on the streets and in the institutions here in Canada. I’ve also been threatened and assaulted here in my 30+ years as a Canadian citizen.

Assadollahi is a survivor of the Evin prison in the IRGC. She recalls her experiences in the Islamic regime prison on Kayhan Life blog. Today, Assadollahi is a political activist in Canada, where she has received threats from Islamic regime actors who she says have attempted to lure her back to Iran. Assadollahi says she “will never set foot” in Iran again, until the Ayatollah’s government has dissolved. 

Concerned Canadian citizens are fearful of communist-leaning policies the Canadian government enforces. Canadians of similar beliefs as Assadollahi, such as Spencer Fernando, say that Canadians “should be outraged” by the globalist policies and communist enforcements. Fernando used the mass surveillance of Canadian citizens by the government as an example of one such atrocity. 


With all this rampant censorship, we rely on our readers to spread our content.

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