Top 10 2024 Joe Biden Campaign Slogans

joe biden

January 8, 2022

Ten. “If I’m Not President, My Kid Will Have To Get A Real Job.”

Nine. “Four More…Of Those Things…Calendar…Earth Around Sun…zzz.”

Eight. “Vote Biden Or You Ain’t (Insert Minority Group Here).”

Seven. “Hiding In My Delaware Basement? I’ve Got A Secret Service Bunker Now Bitches.”

Six. “Victory 2024: Let’s Make ’20 Look Legit.”

Five. “I’ve Forced Three On You, Now Give Me Another Shot.”

Four. “Kamala’s Been A Horrible President. Vote For Joe!”

Three. “MAGA: Making Abandoned Grocery Aisles.”

Two. “I Smell Victory & It’s Sweeter Than Little Girls Hair.”

One. “More Covid Dead, But A Nicer Twitter Thread.”


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