NYC Crime: Criminals Opened Fire At NYPD

nyc crime
A NYPD Highway Patrol Dodge Charger passes by during the funeral procession for Officer Ramos. Officer Ramos of the NYPD and his partner were both shot and killed in the line of duty. The suspect, who killed his girlfriend in Baltimore earlier in the day, was apparently motivated by the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. (Photo: Flickr/10-42Adam)

July 10, 2022

Criminals are emboldened in New York City as violent crime is up nearly 38% higher year to date. A chase led to the fatal shooting of a criminal as he fired upon an NYPD officer in Brooklyn Saturday evening. The suspect was fleeing a traffic stop on foot in Downtown Brooklyn that lasted more than three blocks, according to the New York Post.

The suspect was reportedly identified as Malik Williams who was one of three passengers in a car that was pulled over after police observed it breaking traffic laws. In a Saturday night press conference, officials said that after seven to eight minutes of speaking with the passengers, they told everyone to exit the vehicle.

It was then that Williams took off out of the front seat where a chase ensued across Flatbush Avenue. “In the vicinity of Rockwell Place and Lafayette Avenue, the male turns around, displays his firearm, and fires multiple shots at the officer,” Chief of Patrol Jeffery Madley said.

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The video shows the suspect running across the street with the officer tailing him. After heading onto the sidewalk amongst other walkers, Williams draws his pistol, takes aim and fires at the officers head. Afterwards, the officer reportedly drew his firearm and returned fire, striking the criminal in the chest. Williams later died at the hospital, according to police.

The incident came just an hour after a 60 year old, Raul Hardy, opened fire on officers after calling 911 to say that he was going to assassinate Governor Kathy Hochul and the PD Chief, adding that he was going to “blow the head off of the first police officers that he saw,” according to the Post.

The scenes reflect New York City’s “soft on crime, hard on victims” policy. A Manhattan bodega worker was sent to Rikers for murder on $250,000 bail after stabbing a criminal who began to attack him in his store. The city has moved to end cash bail, arguing that ending bail makes the system fairer for poorer people. The city’s District Attorney Alvin Bragg is also under criticism for failing to do his job and prosecute criminals.

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