Leftists Don’t Trust Science, They Trust Politicians


July 26, 2021

They’re perfectly willing to receive the vaccine, with little to no consideration for its side effects, on the presumption that it is a necessary step for immunity; and then they proceed to downplay the vaccine by treating it as though it did little to nothing for their safety. 

Among the many names conservatives are called, one common refrain is “anti-vaxxer” or “anti-science.” It’s not just the media who call them such names, it’s the average Leftist, as well as their Leftist politicians. 

What if I were to tell you that the opposite is true? That Leftists are, in fact, anti-science? 

Conservatives are called anti-vaxxers because many of them refuse to get vaccinated—  which  is true. What is also true, is that most conservatives are completely fine with people getting vaccinated. It’s okay to personally be against something without wanting to socially mandate it. 

They want people to have the freedom of choice. What they’re against is mandatory vaccinations.

Conservatives believe that there is no need for healthy people to get the Covid vaccine, especially not people who have already had the virus—  and the data backs them.

According to Worldometer, people aged 0-39 have a 0.2% chance of having any Covid fatalities; 40-49 has a 0.4% chance; 50-59 has a 1.3% chance; and as age increases so do the chances of fatality. 

According to Yale, regular Covid vaccines tend to last for about 3 months, and mRNA Covid vaccines last about 6 months; however, the Imperial College of London says that naturally gained Covid antibodies last 9 months. 

On the other hand, even after getting vaccinated, many Leftists wear masks and push for others to wear masks in order to be careful and to ensure protection against transmitting Covid.

Leftist cities such as LA and DC still require both unvaccinated and vaccinated people to wear masks in most places, but, if one is vaccinated, then is there a need to wear a mask; and must others be forced to receive the jab too? 

The Flu can be transmitted via sneeze, cough, or airdroplets, but Leftists didn’t wear masks for that. Many don’t even get the flu shot. Are they anti-vaxxers?

Or are Leftists anti-vaxxers because they don’t trust the Covid vaccine enough to keep them safe? 

In a now deleted update, back in March, according to the CDC, the vaccine protects against future infection: “Will a COVID-19 vaccination protect me from getting sick with COVID-19? Yes. COVID-19 vaccination works by teaching your immune system how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19, and this protects you from getting sick with COVID-19.” 

While this doesn’t mean that Covid is preventable after receiving the vaccine, it does denote protection. 

As American Pigeon reported, President Biden moved vaccine eligibility for all adults to April 19th— previously May 1st— giving hopes to the CDC’s forecast of reaching herd immunity by the end of June. This means that over 70% of the population should be immune to COVID-19 by mid-summer either through vaccination or natural infection. 

Rather than report and converse honestly about this hybrid solution toward herd immunity, mainstream media and Leftists have taken these varying sentiments to polarize as enemies those that they disagree with. 

The Left is good at manipulating language to conform with their agenda and censoring opposition whenever they can, even when it means deliberately lying about the beliefs of their self-prescribed enemies and placing a label on them to pin them as social ‘undesirables’. 

The social sanctions are substitutes for the debate stage, where Leftism goes to die. Realizing their ideas can’t thrive in an open forum, they change the words and meanings themselves to make them accomplices to their ideology— actions emblematic of totalitarian disposition. 

The tirade to ‘trust the science’ has only shown Leftists complete lack of trust in actual science: protection from Covid may come from natural infection or vaccination; lockdowns have proven practically ineffective; masks are situationally dependent (no one needs to drive with a mask on), but even by Fauci’s standard, ineffective: 

“Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection.

“The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you.”

So when conservatives are called “anti-vaxxers”, think about what that means. Conservatives are more likely to refuse the vaccine and acknowledge the facts that it has neither been FDA approved nor studied for long term effects; but Leftists take the vaccine without question and act out in all the anger of a two year old when questions are asked. 


Leftists don’t trust science, they trust politicians.

On the one hand, this explains why some don’t believe vaccines work as intended, which is to grant protection, hence the mandated masks and mandated vaccinations. Despite their calls for mandated vaccination, they must believe that some deficiency in the vaccine won’t protect them from the virus unless they continue to take extra precautions and live in fear of existing.  On the other hand, this explains why many may also believe that vaccines are the necessary means to end Covid. Despite the real risks of vaccination, they trust more the ‘promise’ that it is safe rather than consult personal medical needs to determine whether or not they need the vaccine. 

It’s why they have injected their children with the non-FDA approved jab, not because science says that children are less likely to be infected and transmit the virus, but because they are afraid, completely ignoring the potential consequences of sickness or death

Despite the seemingly low risks associated with the vaccine, partially due to the lack of information we have on its effects, there are risks nevertheless; and the vaccine does not guarantee full immunity, despite claims made by President Biden that “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” 

This presents a stark contradiction in the leftist attitude. They’re perfectly willing to receive the vaccine, with little to no consideration for its side effects, on the presumption that it is a necessary step for immunity; and then they proceed to downplay the vaccine by treating it as though it did little to nothing for their safety. 

Leftists haven’t taken the vaccine because vaccines work, or because they’ve weighed both sides of the scientific aisle, but because they believe what they’re told to believe and then try to reconcile that position through a moral superiority that they are doing what it takes to end the pandemic— steps which “aren’t easy.” 

Confidence in the vaccine must be really low if mandated masks, lockdowns, and vaccinations are still required and vehemently pushed in order to quell the virus. It seems, rather, that the vaccine is not as much a protective measure against Covid as it is a symptomatic action of the inflated fear and panic consistently stoked by the Left. And for what reason? 

It isn’t science. 

It’s anti-science. 


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