DOJ and Establishment Media Lied about Jan. 6 Officer Death

April 20, 2021

The D.C. medical examiner’s office confirmed that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died as a result of natural causes related to a stroke, per the Associated Press.

Sicknick was one of the officers who confronted and fought against a crowd of violent rioters at the Capitol on January 6, during which he was struck with a fire extinguisher by an assailant.

Following his death on January 7, the Department of Justice under the leadership of Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen issued a statement that Sicknick “succumbed last night to the injuries he suffered defending the U.S. Capitol, against the violent mob who stormed it on January 6th.”

The announcement was echoed by virtually every establishment media outlet in America.

The Democratic Party, in its trial brief for the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump, explicitly stated that “The insurrectionists killed a Capitol Police officer by striking him in the head with a fire extinguisher.”

The evidence given for that claim was an article written by Marc Santora for the New York Times, titled “Capitol Police Officer Dies From Injuries in Pro-Trump Rampage.”

Indeed, for four months, the establishment media and the administration of President Joe Biden have stoked fears of conservative extremism and declared Sicknick all but a martyr for the cause while simultaneously sowing fear and hatred of police officers throughout the rest of the country.

Now the truth is out, however.

“…a medical condition alone caused his death,” the examiner’s report reads, “it was not brought on by an injury.”

To be sure, the death of any officer in any capacity is a blow to their community, and by all accounts Sicknick was an exemplary officer whose loss will be sorely felt in the capital region.

This does not alter the fact, however, that Sicknick’s death was deliberately politicized and lied about by the DOJ and establishment media for the purpose of demonizing Trump supporters and legitimizing the mobilization of state resources against them.

Given recent reports that major news outlet CNN has actively engaged in partisan “propaganda,” it is little wonder that American citizens now hold establishment news media in the lowest esteem ever.

The news regarding Sicknick’s death is just one more layer of evidence that such distrust is well founded. Establishment media has repeatedly lied to the American public about a great many things for the purposes of ensuring victory for a favored political party, now that list of lies includes issuing false reports about the death of a police officer for the Democratic agenda.

Andrew Thornebrooke, Founder & Executive Editor of The Rearguard


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  1. The articles that Thornebrooke reports
    are factual. I watched the insurrection
    broadcast in actual horror and disbelief.
    Trumpians planned this attack. The Republicans have turned into criminals.
    There is Democrats involved also. What a chess match.

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