Brooklyn Subway Shooter Pleads Guilty

brooklyn subway shooter
Frank Robert James (NYPD)

December 30, 2022

Frank Robert James, the infamous Brooklyn subway shooter who shot 10 people, will plead guilty to terrorism and firearms charges. James, who initially pleaded not guilty, now “wishes to schedule a guilty plea,” according to a letter filed by his attorneys. 

James, 63, fired his handgun at least 33 times on the Manhattan bound N line at 25th street in Sunset Park in April 2022. No one was killed in the shooting, but at least 29 people were injured, according to an earlier report by American Pigeon.

The motivation for the attack is still unclear. Before the incident, the attacker reportedly made YouTube videos where he ranted about police officers shooting black people and used racial epithets against whites and Hispanics. James also criticized New York Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams in rants posted online. 

“After a federal grand jury upgraded the indictment, James now faces 10 counts of terrorism—one for each of the 10 people shot in the attack—as well as the firearms charge,” Axios reports. 

James faces life in prison. A change-of-plea hearing has now been scheduled for January 3rd. 

“It’s clear this individual wanted to create terror and violence,” Adams said of the incident, adding that it was “miraculous” no immediate deaths were reported. 

Adams also said that he believed the other passengers saved lives when giving aid to the injured victims. 

“I believe life was saved based on the actions that we witnessed on some of the amateur video that was released. You saw passengers coming to the aid of each other and I just cannot thank New Yorkers enough for how we responded.” 

One law enforcement official told The Post that James’ gun jammed mid shooting preventing more casualties.  


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