Former CNN Employee On Bail For Domestic Terrorism Attends NYC Pro-Life March

domestic terrorism nyc
Teresa Yue Shen. (Photo on the right: screenshot/Twitter via @FordFischer)

March 28, 2023

Pro-life protestors marched through New York City for the 2023 International “Gift of Life Walk” when they were met by anarchists who caused scuffles in front of NYPD officers. Officers did not appear to intervene when one man filming the disorderly conduct was kicked and shoved by a former CNN employee, Teresa Yue Shen, and her associate, Jennifer Hansen.  

Shen is currently out on bail after being charged with domestic terrorism in connection with a deadly shootout that ensued with Georgia police officers on January 21, according to The Post Millennial. Antifa militants were reportedly retaliating against the construction of the future Atlanta Public Safety Training Center which they have occupied since June 2021. 

Shen, 31, is from Brooklyn, New York and an alumna of the Manhattan liberal arts institution Barnard College. Shen worked as a production assistant for Erin Burnett’s show “Outfront” from May 2013 to June 2015. She also reportedly interned for Reuters. 

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Shen was previously arrested in December 2022 at a pro-abortion demonstration in NYC and during a June 2021 anti-ICE in Bergen County where, along with thirteen other demonstrators, including Hansen, they were reportedly charged with “rioting and failing to disperse, criminal trespassing and obstruction, among other counts.” 

Since then, Shen has been seen with various groups of anarchists targeting and harassing people in the streets of NYC, according to sources familiar with the matter. 

New York City continues to be plagued by high crime rates and while New Yorkers are looking to their leaders to put more criminals in jail, the city’s “hard left legislators” aren’t listening, according to The New York Post. While 92% of New Yorkers see crime as a serious ailment facing their city, the progressive caucus refuses to back Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposal in giving judges more discretion on setting bail. 

76% of Democrats, clocking in even above Republicans and Independents in the state, support the governor’s proposal.

But for his part, Mayor Eric Adams has called out the violent “professional anarchists” rioting and vandalizing the streets. Following the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in November 2021, Adams denounced the actions of the angry mob that turned to ripping down American flags and damaging mailboxes and cars. 

“They were all male, white, many of them are from outside the city or just recently moved here. I think there is an anarchist group in this city that’s attempted to create violence in cities and make it seem like it’s our neighbors doing it when it’s not,” he reportedly told Fox News’ “Good Day New York.” 

“These are professionals that are coming into our city causing this violence.”


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