US Army Imposes Mandatory Gender Identity Training Amid Russia-Ukraine War

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March 8, 2022

Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States Army is training soldiers on gender pronouns, transgender persons and gender dysphoria, according to a presentation obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The mandatory presentation, “Policy on the Military Service of Transgender Persons and Persons with Gender Dysphoria,” was reportedly created in August 2021 by the Army Service Central Coordination Cell (SCCC). It was given to officers earlier this month to train their subordinates. An Army spokesperson speaking to Free Beacon reportedly said that the “mandatory training” is part of an official program policy “used to train Army personnel on the recent changes to the DoD and Army transgender service.”

“All Army personnel, from soldiers to commanders and supervisors, are required to participate in the training by Sept. 30, 2022, according to the spokesman.”

The presentation slides were also obtained by the Free Beacon by a soldier being provided with the training. The slides discuss numerous hypothetical scenarios, called ‘vignettes,’ of gender dysphoria within the ranks, outlining guidance for how to proceed.

In one scenario, if a solider requests to be identified with the opposite gender then they are advised to see a medical provider. “Gender transition in the Army,” one slide states, “begins when a soldier receives a diagnosis from a military medical provider indicating that gender transition is medically necessary.”

“We remain committed to treating all soldiers with dignity and respect while ensuring good order and discipline,” the spokesman told Free Beacon. “Soldiers who meet those standards can serve openly in their self-identified gender.”

Free Beacon notes that a Marine Corps veteran says the language employed in the presentation is primarily used by those on the “progressive left.” To quote in full:

Dakota Wood, a Marine Corps veteran who specializes in defense issues at the Heritage Foundation think tank, said the Army presentation employs language primarily used by those on the progressive left.

“A telling phrase in the presentation—’assigned (male or female) at birth’—reveals that whoever developed the presentation material, and the policy being implemented, accepts the argument that gender is an artificial construct rather than a biological reality,” Wood said. “This is a highly controversial argument promoted by the progressive left and rejected by the conservative right.”
These policies threaten to erode cohesion among soldiers, Wood added.

“Using such examples to illustrate instances where Army leaders need to treat a soldier in one way or another highlights the types of social policies being imposed on the military services. There are a great many people in the military, arguably the vast majority, who do not agree with this manufactured construct,” Wood said. Forcing soldiers “to accept the premise—that one can choose their gender and therefore change how they are to be treated—creates frictions within organizations that are dependent on unity and cohesion to be successful in combat.”

Update: After writing this article, the author, a US Army Reservist, received the same brief, providing additional images.


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  1. The limitations of the Russian military as seen in Ukraine may be nothing compared to the weakness of the new, indoctrinated U.S. servicemember if we do not correct the training. Unfortunately, the military will get weaker through attrition as many retire or don’t re-up out of disgust. The greatest military in the history of the world is in danger – from within!

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