Sky News Correspondent Blames Anti-Semitic Attacks On Israel

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June 10, 2021

In a now deleted tweet, Sky News Middle East correspondent Mark Stone claimed that the “Jew hatred” that’s been going on, “is the consequence of the current Israeli government’s policies” and “their prolongation of untenable occupation”.

In the past month, Jews have been attacked and threatened in countries across the world, including England, Canada, the U.S., and other countries. In one event in NYC, American Pigeon reporter caught footage of pro-Palestinian protestors spitting on a Jewish couple

Stone had been replying to someone who was talking about how their kids have to hide their Jewish identity out of fear of being attacked or harassed.

Instead of condemning the anti-Semitic attacks/attackers, or something of the sort, or even at the very least staying silent, Stone blamed Israel for the anti-Semitic attacks happening to Jews in countries outside of Israel. His reply appeared to many to be supportive of the anti-Semitic assailants and their anti-Semitic actions.

Despite being based in the Middle East to report for Sky News, he recently tweeted about his skepticism regarding Israel bombing a building which housed the Associated Press & Al Jazeera offices,  but which were also headquarters for Hamas.

Despite Israel being a democracy, and Hamas being a terror group, Stone has claimed that “it’s now too simplistic to say” that Hamas vs. Israel “is terror vs. democracy”.

Given the backlash faced online by Stone’s remark, he is still employed at Sky News as a correspondent in the Middle East. 

Board of Deputies of British Jews also issued a statement. 

American Pigeon has also responded to the tweet. It is important to remove one’s personal biases from one’s coverage. Journalism’s duty is to provide information, not ideological justification. 



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