Soros-Operative Caught Using ‘Sabotage’ Against War Crime Victims

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Nandini Jammi speaking at Turing Fest 2019.

June 16, 2022

Nandini Jammi, co-founder of the partisan organization ‘Check My Ads,’ is targeting a Ukrainian digital advertising company as it endeavors to remain operational during Russia’s continued ‘special military operation’ on the country. The report comes from Partisan Watch, an extremist watchdog that tracks “fraudulent claims and disinformation pushed by activists, journalists and politicians on both sides of the political aisle.”

‘Check My Ads’ is an organization that works to block advertising agencies from working with websites that it finds disagreeable. As co-founder, Jammi has worked to successfully demonetize conservative commentators like Dan Bongino, Charlie Kirk, and even the liberal podcaster Tim Pool. She also successfully prevented Warby Parker from advertising with The Daily Wire.

After costing Bongino “tens of cents,” she claimed that she was the victim of disinformation and bullying when Bongino decided to strike back at her attempts to cancel him, calling her “cat lady” because she allegedly has a lot of cats. Bongino supplied the receipts. She ironically asked why anyone would tolerate bad behavior and called for advertisers to consider this when it comes to brand safety.

But Jammi does not have to worry about being demonetized. She is part of a “Soros-backed initiative” (her words), called “Good Information Inc.” The initiative focuses on combatting so-called misinformation. George Soros has notoriously donated to left-wing causes with his Open Society Foundations reportedly spending just over $18 billion. Their expenditures are listed here.

Her latest exploit involves sabotaging a Ukrainian digital advertising company, MGID, based in Kyiv. The company has strived to stay operative as they shelter from Russia’s rockets. MGID is currently building up its client base and helps brands grow regardless of their politics. This is unacceptable to Jammi, as she wakes up every day to see more websites monetized by MGID.

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In the Twitter thread, she targets a German language website, ‘JournalistenWatch’ which she claims promotes islamophobia and COVID conspiracy theories. She takes aim at another subsidiary website under JournalistenWatch, claiming that it is promoting pro-Russia propaganda, noting that one of their headlines read: “Ukraine is selling Western weapons on the Darknet.”

However, Jammi did not specify the inaccuracy of the information posted by the website, nor did she argue that Ukraine selling Western weapons was baseless. Back in March, a Canadian non-governmental organization reportedly cautioned that Western weapons shipped to Ukraine might wind up in Russia’s hands or on the international blackmarket. Two months later, Western weapons in Ukraine, including American-made rifles, were found to be sold over the encrypted app, Telegram.

As Partisan Watch reports,

“Jammi badly fails to understand that much of the rest of the world doesn’t agree with the ultra-partisan, extremist agenda promoted by her and her supporters within the establishment media.

Her commitment to destroying websites, commentators, and businesses that do not reflect her radical worldview is a sad reflection of the state of today’s discourse.”

Her resolve is to remove the “Brand Safety Certification” that was awarded to MGID by Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). TAG defines itself as “a cross-industry program to create transparency and brand safety in the digital ad supply chain.”

Mike Zaneis, the CEO of TAG, was recently threatened by Jammi for keeping MGID certified as a safe brand. She tweeted that she is not going to wait 12 months for Zaneis to fix it. She states that MGID should have never received certification and should not be eligible for “remediation.”

As Partisan Watch reports,

“If her intimidation campaign works, it could dramatically impact Ukrainian ad company MGID’s day-to-day – hurting the company’s revenue, damaging their brand, and losing hard-working Ukrainians their jobs.While Ukrainians endure daily missile strikes and the rising cost of food and energy hurts families already living in a warzone, this ultra-partisan activist’s campaign could cost the jobs of an untold number of Ukrainian workers.”


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