George Floyd’s Drug Dealer Refuses To Testify In Court, Fears Murder Charges

April 8, 2021

George Floyd’s former girlfriend broke down in court and admitted that the two of them were drug addicts, and that they purchased drugs from a man named Morries Lester Hall.

According to The New York Post and other sources, Hall – who was also a friend of Floyd – had been with him in his SUV when police arrested Floyd for passing a counterfeit bill at a convenience store – which ended up leading to Floyd’s death.

According to what Hall had said previously, Floyd had been falling asleep in the car, and the store clerk said that he appeared to be high. 

Hall’s lawyer said that Hall refuses to testify in the Derek Chauvin trial out of fear of implicating himself, and getting charged with 3rd degree murder (providing the drugs which killed Floyd), meaning that he believes there is a chance that George Floyd died from fentanyl overdose – which would disprove what the Mainstream Media has been reporting. 

Judge Peter Cahill – who is presiding over the Derek Chauvin trial – warned that Hall may face contempt charges if he refuses to testify, but that he will rule on that decision later in the trial.


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