Facebook Whistleblowers Expose LEAKED INTERNAL DOCS Detailing New Effort to Secretly Censor Vaccine Concerns on a Global Scale (VIDEO)

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May 25, 2021

On Monday, Project Veritas came forward with an exposé on Facebook’s censorship practices regarding Covid-19.

On Fox News, James O’Keefe, founder of PV, described that these internal documents reveal that Facebook has created a “tiered ranking system, something called ‘Vaccine Hesitancy'”. Tier 1 focuses on critical remarks about the vaccine, and tier 2 focuses on “indirect vaccine discouragement.” Tier 2, O’Keefe explains, is that “even if the facts are true, your comments will be targeted and demoted.”

Facebook has responded to Project Veritas claiming to have made these documents public, however, most have not.

In his interview with one whistleblower, the whistleblower talks about users being assigned a “Vaccine Hesitancy score” that monitors comments that might directly or indirectly discourage use of the vaccine.

“Facebook uses classifiers in their algorithms,” the insider explains, “to determine certain content to be what they call ‘vaccine hesitant’, or they call it ‘vaccine hesitancy’. And without the users knowledge they assign a score to these comments, what’s called a VH score, the Vaccine Hesitancy Score, and based on that score they will demote or leave the comment alone depending on the content within the comment.”

This Facebook insider is a data center technician who leaked multiple documents “detailing an algorithm test being run on 1.5% of facebook’s nearly 3.8 billion users.” That amounts to 57 million users.

1.5% of users are represented as a sample size in this VH ‘beta test’.

As one document explicitly says, the goal of “Vaccine Hesitancy Demotion” is to “drastically reduce exposure to vaccine hesitancy (VH) in the comments.”

“You’ll see a lot of this difference in their public policy versus their private policy where the public policy is very vague. It’s very ambiguous. It’s designed to be questioned because it’s designed to be able to easily defend. But then if you look at the private policy, it’s much, much more clear, much more specific. I think that they’re trying to make it seem like they’re not doing as much or that they’re just kind of like generalizing it, like, ‘oh, we’ll just have some sort of robot that just tags your post, and then, you know, we look at it’; but I think they don’t want people to know, ‘oh, no we actually have something that we made specifically for vaccine hesitancy.”

He continues to explain that the Vaccine Hesitancy is calculated not simply because one has not gotten the vaccine or because they’re hesitant, but if they write something like, “I just saw a study that someone died that got the vaccine.”

The authors of this experiment are Joo Ho Yeo, Nick Gibian, Hendrick Townley, Amit Bahl, and Matt Gilles. Due to their positions within the company, they are only a few clicks away from Mark Zuckerberg.

Who makes these decisions? There are teams at Facebook that call themselves B2V— Barriers to Vaccination. “The people on these teams,” the insider explains, “call themselves Health Integrity Teams. So there’s a Health Integrity team for Messenger, there’s a Health Integrity Team for every system Facebook has.”

Did this team come out after March 2020, after Covid?

No. These teams have existed prior to covid, the insider explains.

Toward the end of his interview, the insider talks about the potential repercussions of not speaking out. he encourages those that know this is wrong to come forward.

“What would happen if this was scaled larger and scaled to Twitter and the internet as a whole is way worse than anything that could happen from me getting fired from my job.”

Watch the full video below:


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