Frequently Asked Questions

What is American Pigeon?

American Pigeon is a digital magazine and multimedia news publication fostering a conservative perspective on American politics and culture.

Do I have to pay to see content?

Currently, the majority of all content on American Pigeon is free. However, if you would like full access to all benefits that comes with a paid membership plan, then you can purchase that plan and become an AP Patron at

Is it possible to contact American Pigeon?

Yes. You can find more information about inquiries here.

Is American Pigeon on social media?

Yes! You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok.

Can I be published in American Pigeon?

American Pigeon considers submissions from those who care to submit. More information regarding submissions can be found here.

Who’s in charge? Is it possible to contact them?

Jacob Yusufov is the Editor in Chief of American Pigeon. As stated above, we have a way to handle inquiries. Learn more about the names behind the scenes by taking a look at the Masthead.

Is there an American Pigeon newsletter? Can I sign up for it?

Yes! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. We also allow you to choose what categories you want us to send you. We also have a separate affiliated column entitled Burke.

I’ve subscribed to your newsletter, but it’s not showing up in my email.

Be sure to check your spam or junk folder in your email application. If this is the case, modify the settings of your email application so that it stops flagging us.

I tried commenting on an article, but it says it needs to be approved—what gives?

Commenting is a benefit of becoming an AP Patron. To decrease the risk of spam and other unwanted content on our website, we may allow our editors and website operators the chance of reviewing comments before they are viewable. Not to worry, though! If you aren’t spamming or attempting to post unwanted content, we will most certainly approve your comment!

Is there a way to view a specific magazine issue?

Of course. Either click here to view the magazine archive, or click the three lines on the top left (top right on mobile), and click the drop-down menu entitled “Magazine.”

Why should I read American Pigeon?

American Pigeon offers interesting and thought-provoking commentary on American national politics and culture. From reporting on the events most significant in our time, to the intellectually rousing essays that grapple with political philosophy, we’re dedicated to providing quality content that isn’t just a clickbait headline. We’re also very open to discussions and feedback with our readers, so come join the conversation!

How long has American Pigeon existed? When/how was it founded?

American Pigeon is a new conservative magazine that was founded in November 2020 by Jacob Yusufov and Nicholas Ramirez. Ramirez parted ways with the project shortly after its founding, leaving Yusufov as the Editor in Chief. Since then, American Pigeon has made great strides to evolve into a full-fledged magazine and news company.

Can I work for American Pigeon?

As a startup company, all our team members currently work on a volunteer basis. We understand that our inability to pay writers at the moment may be unappealing. However, if you’re a writer interested in getting involved on a volunteer basis, we strongly urge you to send an inquiry to Even the benefits of a volunteer gig can be rewarding, such as being part of a company that has plenty of room to grow, as well as getting your work published and building a sizable portfolio. We also handle career opportunities through LinkedIn.

Are there ways to support American Pigeon?

Yes. You can head over to our donation page and donate the dollar amount of your choosing. We greatly appreciate all donations, no matter the size. Being subscribed to our newsletters and following/sharing our social media also helps us immensely, at no cost to you.