About Us

American Pigeon is a conservative magazine and news publication fostering conservative perspectives on American politics, often gazing from afar as everyone else battles it out. Put forward as “The Right Side of Journalism,” the publication is for those dissatisfied with the impotence of the well-fed right, or the well-fed left, as well as the grifting of the many “rising stars” of today’s celebrity class. 


The project began as a podcast between Jacob Yusufov and Nicholas Ramirez. In November 2020, they settled on a bigger idea, the brainchild being American Pigeon. The two have since parted ways. After some soul-searching, American Pigeon reorganized itself into a magazine. With the current state of theatrical affairs—as though they could be anything else—the magazine works to bring forward conscientious writers, their hopes and their discontents. 


Since February 2022, American Pigeon has published periodic magazine issues in both online and print PDF formats. The publication has transformed itself into a triannual magazine, now publishing three issues per year as of 2023, as well as online news and opinion content.