War Call to Conservatives: Become a Carrier Pigeon, Save the Republic

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September 10, 2021

In a time where conservative and traditionalist thought has become a cultural taboo in many respects, so much so that the strong arm of the censor is not only extended with the purpose of silencing those who issue their dissent but is also accepted by many as a cultural and social necessity, conservative news outlets need well-written and informed content like never before.

American Pigeon has come a long way since its original inception. We have some new voices on our team who have dedicated themselves to the promotion of conservative opinion on all matters, whether they be political or cultural. Above all, though, American Pigeon has never wavered from its initial pledge: to airlift the truth from mainstream sewer journalism and deliver it to you, the readers. We are a conservative publication preaching the conservative bent, but we aren’t ideologues. American Pigeon remains true to its founding principles today because our writing staff never engage in partisanship at the expense of the truth.

If something is supposedly politically inconvenient, we publish it anyway. In addition, American Pigeon is a publication that prides itself on intellectual diversity. As editors and writers, we don’t always agree with each other, and we often have differing opinions on a variety of topics. Within our ranks are right-wing thinkers of all sorts of different political persuasions. As Russell Kirk says in his Ten Conservative Principles:

“Perhaps it would be well, most of the time, to use this word “conservative” as an adjective chiefly. For there exists no Model Conservative, and conservatism is the negation of ideology: it is a state of mind, a type of character, a way of looking at the civil social order.”

When the “resistance” is no longer met with resistance, and the left owns every major social, cultural, technological and bureaucratic institution, they are not the resistance. They’re the establishment. And any institutional problem they decry is their problem alone. But today, they have forced our hand and threaten our right to live. They have identified themselves as not merely those that disagree, nevertheless our American countrymen, but as that band of ideologues, who, like their predecessors, promise the ascension to the Earthly Paradise if only we forfeit our rights and responsibilities to them. 

The closer we got to “progress”, the farther away we became. We have a neat little psychological tendency (concept creep) to push the bar further so that there is always evil to fight. It’s part of being civilized. It’s the product of progress. And sadly, it’s the reason we increasingly became uncivilized. 

Those who blindly obey the radical’s call for blind collectivism, to tear down the things that are old and traditional because their ideological dogmata directs them toward such sentiment, are ultimately blind to the reality that, per Kirk’s Ninth Principle, power itself cannot be abolished; it is merely passed on from one group of people to the next. Revolutionary tendencies, especially those expressed primarily through violence and coercion, cast their respective civilizations into a Terrestrial Hell because they do not consider the power vacuum that will inevitably be created when their prescribed evils are finally swept away. And what is to replace this supposedly oppressive order? Does the Utopian dream finally manifest? History would show that to be unequivocally false. It certainly wasn’t the case for the French, or the Russians, Germans, or Cubans. 

It is sad to see our fellow Americans care more about their leaders, about their ideologies, their lies, and their power, that they cannot see that the people or ideas they are taught to hate are those that are fighting to keep society free. 

The world is becoming too fragile to afford to be an idiot, or like cattle to be fattened and slaughtered. 

American Pigeon is devoted to producing content, now more than ever, that exposes the truth and wrestles with topics the mainstream media won’t. But we can’t do it alone. Projects like this demand all of us; all of us that are devoted to free expression. A society of a free culture is at risk of being snatched from us, rounded up and placed in courtyards of vitriol and condemnation. Lest we become like Australia and begin imprisoning our political dissidents, this is a battle cry for conservatives.

Now is the time to do something. We have often been accused of being “reactionary.” But those that hurl that name at us don’t understand that we only react when pushed, when our livelihoods are threatened, and when we are intimidated to abandon all that we believe for the sake of their sense of freedom. Now is the time, better than any, to stand up for your civilization. 

Is there something on your mind that you want to express to the world? Do you have an interesting point of view that you think our readers will share? If so, we invite you to submit your work here. We’ll also accept photographers, filmmakers, or artists; your expressive talents can aid the Republic in our collective effort to deliver the truth. Our editorial staff look forward to reviewing your work and working with you to make your voice shine through the white noise of today’s sewer journalism. 

Become a digital carrier pigeon for truth, for the Right side of Civilization. 


American Pigeon 

Jacob Yusufov, Editor-in-Chief

Luke Lattanzi, Opinion Editor



With all this rampant censorship, we rely on our readers to spread our content.

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