Republican for NY City Council Tackles Thief Stealing Wife’s Purse

NYC Republican tackles thief

June 7, 2021

On June 6th, Republican candidate for NYC Council (CD-50) Staten Island, Marko Kepi, tackled a thief trying to steal his fiancé’s purse.

The incident occurred on Cromwell Avenue and Hylan Blvd, while Kepi was at a coffee shop. He explains that he came out when people began yelling.

“Two days ago,” he said, “[criminals] robbed the store, the whole cash register, and today, luckily, we saw people screaming so we chased him down and caught him at this corner… where he stole a whole pocketbook from my wife’s car. So this is happening in Staten Island, by defunding the police this is what we get.”

In videos posted on Instagram and Twitter, we see Mr. Kepi maneuvering the criminal to the ground as he shouts “I can press charges. I gave it back!”

Marko Kepi is an immigrant from socialist Albania who came to the U.S. at young age. He’s a U.S. Marine and running for State Assembly.

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