Nicholas Ramirez

Hello all! My name is Nick Ramirez. I am 20 year old college student, born and raised in Hudson County, New Jersey. I am currently studying Political Science and Philosophy. During my first few years of high school, I was never big into politics and was mostly uninformed about almost all aspects of politics. During the 2016 election, I had friends all across the political spectrum, many of whom supported Hillary Clinton, and some of whom strongly supported Donald Trump. Although I was uninformed, at the time, I leaned left on most issues but I could never engage in thoughtful discussions or debate as I knew little. I began to watch videos of mostly conservative commentators that I thought I would disagree with to better understand their reasoning for their beliefs. It wasn’t until the end of my Senior year of high school, and the beginning of college, that I started to change my views on many issues. I have started this project with my good friend Jacob as a way to amplify the voices of young conservatives who have bold and bright visions of the future of conservatism in the United States. While young conservatives, especially on college campuses, have felt forced to remain silent about their views, I hope to be able to be a voice for our generation of conservatives. As conservatives, we are grateful for the freedoms and liberties we have, and we understand that it is easier for these freedoms to be taken away than it is to usher in a utopia in the name of “social progress”. To quote the late Sir Roger Scruton, “Conservatism starts from the sentiment that good things are easily destroyed, but not easily created”.


Drew University CLA Class of 2022 Philosophy and Political Science Major Theatre Arts Minor

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