Jacob Yusufov

β€œIn 2015, I began studying Jazz at The New School before transferring my attention solely to sociology. Studying religion, law, and politics, amongst other disciplines, I saw a common trend of one-sided thought from the students who were, unfortunately, robbed of an honest education and challenging academic environment. From this, they were nurtured in intolerance and most importantly, the inability to engage critically.

In 2019, I enlisted in the US Army Reserves. There I met Ramirez, and we set out to foster a space conducive to productive conversation, creative and growth, from people of all beliefs, talents, and voices, that are unafraid of confronting a dissenting world in pursuit of a more harmonious one.

As AP developed, we expanded to provide not only political commentary, but news reporting. Reliable sources are not easy to come by; there’s always a hidden agenda. Here, we tell it like it is with a little umpf to cut through the bs. ”


The New School B.A. Sociology, 2020

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