Emily Rinaldi

Hey everybody! My name is Emily Rinaldi, I am 19 years old, and a college sophomore at The College of New Jersey. I am the host of the podcast “In, Not Of” and the newest contributor to The American Pigeon where I hope to explore politics and theology from a young, conservative perspective.

I’ve always loved politics but it wasn’t until I got to high school and saw the impact that far left policies had not only on societies at large but also individuals, that I became truly invested. I saw resentment, entitlement and poor mental health infiltrating my generation rapidly around the same time that far left ideas were introduced into the education system and mainstream social media. I began to do my own research and saw the undeniable correlations between the “progressive” ideas surfacing in society and the flaws that were plaguing my generation. I also saw every misconception that the media perpetuated about conservativism being completely debunked with just a little bit of research. Since then, I have been conservative!

Over the past few years the political contention in the United States has only increased and now I see the importance of everyone speaking about their opinions, even if they aren’t always widely accepted. The goal of my podcast, “In, Not Of” or any content that I put out through American Pigeon is to spark conversation and elevate any marginalized voices that want to be heard.


The College of New Jersey Speech Pathology Major Double Minor in Economics & Deaf Studies

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