New York City Activists Demand to Speak to Health Commissioner: ‘Hold Them Accountable’

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Protestor outside the New York Department of Health in Long Island City on March 23, 2022 with a sign reading: "Don't Step On My Liberty."(Screenshot/Twitter via Leeroy Press)

March 24, 2022

New York Activists against mandates blocked the doors of the Department of Health building in Long Island City demanding to speak with the new NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan. Vasan recently replaced former commissioner Dave A. Chokshi.

Independent journalist Leeroy Press spoke with the activists before they arrived at the Department of Health, asking what they hoped to accomplish by blocking the doors to the building.

“Today we’re going to head over to the Department of Health and let them know that we don’t appreciate what they have not done for the last two years: the miscalculations, the miscoding, fraud, whatever it is, we don’t appreciate it. And what we need for them to do is either step down or step up, hold themselves accountable, give everyone their jobs back, unmask our kids, unmask our city, and bring New York City back to the way it was.”

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Chaos erupted between the activists and security, according to Leeroy. Footage shows security and activists pushing each other. Police arrived to the scene shortly, in order to prevent the activists from further blocking the doors.

Another activist with a megaphone standing in front of the building said that if Kyrie can play, then the city should let them work. The activist is referring to the lift of the vaccine mandate on athletes, allowing them to play in the city; however, the mandates have not been lifted on other workers, many of whom have already been fired.

The health commissioner and Mayor Adams refused to speak when confronting by firefighters for the FDNY who were laid off as a result of the vaccine mandates on March 23.


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