Mom: 5 year old Daughter with Violence in Heart crying “White Girl Tears”

white girl

June 25, 2021

A trending video on tiktok showed a mother talking about her crying five year old daughter and her preteen that was trying to alleviate his/her sister. What ensued was a strange, racist rant that coincided her five year olds tears with being ‘white’, and her preteens attempt to make her happy as being a ‘conditioning’ of responding to ‘white girl tears.’

“This morning the baby woke up and had some sort of violence in her heart… but she has been losing her mind all day. And it’s interesting because I’m watching her lose her mind and then I’m watching the pre-teen respond to that by trying to make her happy. And I have had to actively tell him ‘stop trying to make her feel better, stop responding to her tears. It’s so interesting to see the conditioning of people responding to white girl tears happening so early. She’s five… We have to unlearn this whole business that white women crying is going to get them what they want.”


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