Million MAGA March Ends in Violence

November 15, 2020

On Saturday, November 14, supporters of the President— which included mothers, fathers, families, their children, old and young, people of all races and creeds— numbered over 100,000 for the MillionsMagaMarch. It started off as a beautiful day for these American Patriots, but the later it got, as the streets cleared and people began to go home or back to their hotels, the more dangerous it became. Linked below are a few sources that detail and show some, not all, of these violent excursions: where a couple was harassed with liquid thrown at them, pushed despite the woman’s cries; where a mother with her child was followed and eventually assaulted with her child knocked down as well and in tears; that child was then called a ‘racist’ because some indecent radical man assumed her mother, who was part of the march, was a racist, and by his logic “if their parents are racist then they’re racist.”— I suppose that means it’s justified to harm children now; an old man was surrounded by Antifa and BLM instigators, whereupon fighting back, he was punched from behind and stomped on when he fell— his phone or wallet (unclear) was also stolen as the video shows; another elder man was knocked off his bike; another family with young kids were followed and yelled at; and much, much more.

When did supporting the President become so dangerous? And what happened to ‘healing’? Where was the supposed ‘President-Elect’ on this violence? Perhaps he still believes, as he said during the last debate, “Antifa is an idea,” and so that must mean they’re not real?

I see and hear a lot of this denial. More shockingly, I see and hear people that defend it. You see, if you want to get anyone to justify violence, it’s become apparent that one just needs to say that the violence occurred to conservatives, republicans, Trump supporters, or white people, and the like. That gives a clear picture who one is speaking to. Conservatives aren’t the ones to wish malice on anyone, in fact, they’re the first to condemn it. For a long time, democrats and liberals were also on that same page. But the party of ‘unity’, ‘tolerance’, ‘love’ and ‘acceptance’ has encouraged, for months, the needless terrorization, destruction, arson, rioting, looting, assault against businesses, people that do not agree with them, people sleeping in their homes (as they storm their streets flashing lights into their homes— there’s one instance of Antifa/BLM instigators telling a man that “asking for people to be peaceful is ‘white supremacy’. They’ve ruined communities, even those where people they apparently stand for live, as well as supported the mindless executions of Trump supporters like Aaron “Jay” Danielson killed in the Portland Riots by far-left antifa activist Michael Forest Reinoehl and Bernell Trammell, a black Milwaukee murdered outside during the day, outside his publishing company where he showed his support for the President with his signs.

The Democrats and their constituents have not condemned even an ounce of this violence. Instead, they turn it back on the President or other Americans: “It’s their fault”; they deserved it”; or “it didn’t happen.”

Maybe this denial is because it creates a strong cognitive dissonance with their belief that it is the Right that is instigating violence, and so they turn a blind eye. More likely, it’s because their sources of information re all from one and the same ideologically controlled empire. The Epoch Times just released an article that explains how Google and Facebook have the power to influence millions of people through algorithmic manipulation; but this isn’t something we don’t know. It is not only within the logic of these patterns, to show us what we want to see, but also to limit or introduce to us what they want us to see. It’s this latter fact that is has become a pressing concern of outside interference: that these media giants have begun to decide what we should know, as they limit and censor as they please. Indeed, they’ve even held the claim that the media does decide the outcome of an election. That tweet has since been deleted.

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