Founder of #ProjectStandTogether Arrested over Vaccine Passport

project stand together
Founde of Project Stand Together, Arijan Hasanaj, arrested outside of Caliente Cab in Downtown Manhattan for refusing to show a vaccine passport to eat. (Yaakov Strasberg/American Pigeon).

November 8, 2021

The founder of Project Stand Together, Arijan Hasanaj, and a few others went to Caliente Cab—a restaurant at 61 7th Ave S in Downtown Manhattan Sunday, Nov. 7.

The group peacefully joined together for a sit-in protest against the vaccine mandate in NYC. Upon sitting down, they asked if they can order food and be served.

The owner came over and had a conversation with the group informing them that they could stay, but won’t be served. A member of the group asked how it made sense to be in the restaurant unvaccinated, breathing the same air as everyone else there, but not be served because they’re unvaccinated.

After about a half hour the cops were called and most of the group went outside.

Hasanaj was arrested and brought to the 6th precinct on West 10th street.

Overall, the cops supported what the group had done, but they said that they still have to do their jobs.

He was released later that night.

Upon release, Hasanaj said that he just wanted to be served as a normal human being and wasn’t interested in sitting outside due to the cold weather.

“I was just arrested for doing a sit-in at a restaurant. I just walked into the restaurant with a couple of my buddies we demanded that we get served, and the owners didn’t like that because we didn’t have our vaccine cards… and I guess they ended up calling the cops on us.”

He hopes for many more people to do similar protests across the country.

“We’re gonna continue doing this. Hopefully this spreads across the country and people do this across the country. You don’t have to get arrested. You can just walk out when the police tell you you’re trespassing and have to leave now.”

Project Stand Together has grown into a national project with restaurants putting up signs stating, “We do not discriminate against any customer based on sex, gender, race, creed, age, vaccinated or unvaccinated.”

Their mission is stated on their website as defending the rights of Americans against the unconstitutional vaccine mandates:

“Project StandTogether is currently standing on the front lines fighting for the rights of the American people. Vaccine mandates are counterproductive, biased, and frustrating for citizens who don’t feel comfortable getting the vaccine for one reason or another.

We believe that discrimination against non-vaccinated individuals is unconstitutional, along with the vaccine mandates.

There is power in numbers. If we want to see change, we must StandTogether and remain united on our quest to fight these mandates.”


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