Faux-Woke Corporations Celebrating “Pride”— Except in Middle East

pride month

June 5, 2021

There was once a time where leftists called out corporations for their consumerist greed and profiteering; however, now, it seems they only care about them when they aren’t pandering.

June in America is Pride month. LGBTQ+ people get to celebrate their identities for an entire month. They get to see their flags flown on the streets and social media alike. It isn’t any longer mere tolerance, but acceptance—and social condemnation for anyone that opposes.

During Pride month, it isn’t just parades and men with dildos attached to their bodies that are celebrated, but corporations that show their loyal support. We know that logos and social media posts are the best way to show millions where you stand.

Darren Grimes, a gay conservative British activist, tweeted a picture of companies that changed their logos for their American branch, but noted that they did not do the same for their Middle East pages.

To another point:

Melissa Chen, journalist at The Spectator, makes an interesting point: Companies supporting gay rights in America but not Asia, the Middle East, or Russia— places where gays are not equal, censored and murdered— couldn’t truly care about gay people, unless it was profitable. (Here’s Pew Research on The Global Divide on Homosexuality).

But of course there’s no outrage here. After all, leftists love places like the Middle East where homosexuals are tortured, thrown off of roofs and beheaded. That’s why gay Palestinians would rather flee to Israel.

Additional tweets from Elijah Schaffer:


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