Editorial: Together, Keeping The American Spirit

January 30, 2021

Dear Patriots,

It’s been a week to remember. “We really like stirring the pot,” as my friend likes to say. And he’s right. We do like a little bit of action, a bit of rebellion, and a bit of opportunity to stick it to the man when we can. Making Wall Street lose $70 billion was a hell of a way to start.

2021 arrived with the reinvigorated idea that life could only change for the better. After a rough year like the last, that didn’t seem so far-fetched. Lately, however, tensions have been uneasy. Political assassinations have, and are, occurring in everyday language and rhetoric, increasing division and hatred amongst political aisles. While there is much that stands to unify us, we have a long way to come back from trying to undo the convolutedly antagonistic divide that politicians and their constituent lackeys continue to sow.

What exactly are their intentions and goals? One could venture their own guesses; but it is clear that the ultimate struggle of any period, at least through the political lens, has been the pilgrimage and attainment of power. The beauty of this nation’s founding is the philosophy, spirit, and law so strongly upholding the system from a consolidation of power so great that risks our country from ceasing to be American.

As a publication, centering on the political and cultural, we deem it important to be trustworthy, objective, and credible. But we find the sentiment of true objectivity, especially the kind that the mainstream media outlets constantly profess as though the intelligent couldn’t see through their facade, to be disingenuous and blatantly untruthful.

Clifford Geertz, one of the most brilliant sociologists and studier of interpretive culture, once said “I have never been impressed by the argument that as complete objectivity is impossible (as of course it is)… one might as well let one’s sentiments run loose… That is like saying that, as a perfectly aseptic environment is impossible, one might as well conduct surgery in a sewer…

Therefore, as a conservative publication, we stand by our values and truths we hold to be evident. As we embark on a new journey building and sharing our voice, we want to thank each and every one of you that has stayed with us, supported us, and continue to be part of our mission to provide the perspectives so deeply lacking in our culture.

Conservatives of all brands, personalities, and their supporters stick together because the war against us and America is waged discriminately against any and all political dissenters of the left. We share the common values that free speech and community is the essential foundation to any thriving society, as well as free enterprise and the entrepreneurialism of the pursuit of happiness embedded into the American Spirit.

We urge you all, hold fast to that spirit. Feel its embers burn within you, and never let it never die.

We wish you all a great and relaxing weekend.


Your friendly digital carrier pigeons.


With all this rampant censorship, we rely on our readers to spread our content.

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