Conservative Activist Scott Presler Launches Super PAC to Encourage Mail-in Voting

scott presler
Scott Presler, March 2022. (New York State Young Republicans/Flickr)

January 23, 2023

Notable conservative activist Scott Presler has announced the launch of his Early Vote Action (EVA) Political Action Committee (PAC) on Twitter today. The organization “aims to build early/mail-in voting infrastructures in AZ, NC, NV, PA, & WI to win the White House in 2024,” according to Presler.

Presler has spent the last few years traveling the country and registering thousands of voters as Republicans, as well as training tens of thousands of volunteers. He highlights his accomplishments in flipping counties in Florida and New York from blue to red to help Republicans gain the House back in 2022.

His most recent work now includes setting up a Super PAC to “prioritize increasing voter registration, along with increasing absentee voting and early voting participation, beginning with key 2024 swing states,” according to the PAC’s press release.

“There is no other organization dedicated to turning out Republicans to vote early. In 2022, the nation watched as polling locations reported machine errors and thousands of Arizonans were disenfranchised on Election Day,” Presler told American Pigeon.

“By focusing on these states, we hope to ensure a 270+ electoral victory that wins the White House in 2024. We will also mobilize underutilized volunteers in deep red and blue areas of the country in an effort to pair them with vulnerable districts/states. Early Vote Action is not reinventing the wheel: our goal is to beat the Democrats at their own game.”

The PAC states that it is “building off of an established network of grassroots support” following Presler’s vigorous activism for voter registration. Presler has espoused the belief that Republicans will lose in the general election unless they expand their methods of voting. Surprising Democrats on Election Day did not work in the past and instead “thousands of Republican voters were disenfranchised,” Presler wrote on Twitter.

The press release continues:

“With Republicans having been soundly defeated by the Left regarding pre-Election Day voting in past cycles, EVA will lead the fight to increase overall turnout of Republicans in elections through mobilization of Republicans towards whichever method of voting in each respective state is available at the earliest possible time, from Active Early Voting List registration and participation in Arizona to ballot harvesting in Nevada.

EVA plans to recruit and mobilize volunteers from all 50 states. Through the launch of EVA’s Sister City Program, volunteers in regions historically overlooked due to their solid red or blue political coloring will be targeted to increase the volunteer pool to drive registration and vote collection in key battleground states necessary to achieve nationwide conservative success.

Scott Presler is well-positioned to leverage his conservative network and standing to built the infrastructure necessary to achieve victory in this upcoming election cycle and for years to come.”

On Sunday, Presler tweeted to tune in to Steve Bannon’s War Room for the announcement, taking a little jab at former President Donald Trump saying that, “it’s not about NFT trading cards.”

In November 2022, New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin tweeted that Republicans should start harvesting better than Democrats to make them “deeply regret legalizing ballot harvesting in the first place.”

Presler voiced his support, writing that he will tour the country in 2023 to teach Republicans how to ballot harvest.

The activist gained national attention in 2019 after his cleanup effort in Baltimore, Maryland. After Trump mocked the city as a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess,” Presler said that the president had “inspired me to start cleaning up America,” Fox News reported.

After tweeting that he was traveling to Baltimore to help clean up the streets, people from all around the country began to chime in and ask what they could do to help.

“I didn’t study waste management and sanitation. I studied criminal justice, so I didn’t know a thing about putting together a huge national cleanup,” he said.

Documenting his time in the city, Presler reiterated why this mission was so important to him.

“The trash that I found, the amount of needles, the amount of homeless…the biggest reason why I’m doing this is I just want people to understand that we need to put America first,” he said. “We need to take care of our people. We have 50,000 homeless veterans and 500,000 homeless Americans. I think it’s wrong that we don’t prioritize the needs of our American citizens first.”


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