Chasidic Couple Kicked Off Frontier Flight, 1 Year Old Didn’t Have Mask

March 1, 2021

A disturbing video went viral on Sunday night, which depicts staff on a Frontier flight telling a Chasidic Jewish couple to get off the flight because their 18 month old wasn’t wearing a mask.

According to passengers, the flight attendants applauded, exchanged high fives, and said “we did it”.
One allegedly said “a job well done to those Jews”.

Frontier Airline’s own website says that children under 2 do not need to wear face-masks.

The flight was supposed to leave Miami Sunday night at 7:00pm local time for New York’s Laguardia airport.

The whole family, siblings, and in-laws of the couple started leaving the plane at which point the Frontier staff ordered everyone off of the airplane.

A passenger who wasn’t part of the travel group or the same ethnic group as the victimized travelers said that “they are saying some nasty things… I heard some nasty things being said…. They (Frontier staff) are making it worse.”

The airlines tweeted that people were kicked off because “members of a large group, including adults, refused to wear masks” and that they were request to wear them multiple times, but they refused. “The issue did not stem from a 2 year old.”

We reached out to Frontier Airlines for comment, and they claimed that “local law enforcement had to get involved because multiple people (but not a child under 2) were refusing to wear masks”. Witnesses and video evidence say otherwise.



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