America’s Social Credit System is Here: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Will Tear the Union Apart


September 13, 2021

“President Biden has secured his spot as one of the most disgraceful presidents to ever hold the office. His administration has facilitated the solidification of America’s new informal social credit system: the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.”

On Thursday, President Joe Biden revealed his latest coronavirus vaccination approach to the American people. What it consists of might possibly go down as one of the most infamous cases of federal overreach to ever be enacted by an American president. In his speech, Biden announced that the Department of Labor will be issuing a federal vaccine mandate that will force all employers that have 100 or more employees to get fully vaccinated.

All federal employees, including contractors that do business with the federal government, will also be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, no exceptions. In addition, all employees that work at Medicare and Medicaid participating health care facilities will be required to take the shot. The federal government is also calling on large entertainment venues, such as sports arenas or large concert halls to require proof of COVID vaccination upon entry.

All of these measures, coming directly from the federal government, are disturbingly authoritarian, but what may be more disturbing is the rationale behind them. Since inauguration day, President Biden has secured his spot in American history as America’s Pushover-in-Chief: a man who many of us suspect answers to a handful of ideologues within his own party that tell him what to do and say; and those truly running the country are accelerationists stoking the embers of the nation’s balkanization. 

As such, President Biden has so far remained complicit in the Democratic Party’s far-left wing solidification of America’s rising social credit system. Such a system is indeed informal. It is not codified in any law code, but instead draws its power from a handful of kowtowed institutions as well as a depressingly submissive populace that blindly obeys the directives of distant bureaucrats. 

As you may know very well, disagreement with the mandates are usually met with high judgement. Friends and families have been severed, disowned, and considered enemies, notably since the start of 2016 and peaking in 2020 during the politicized pandemic. Debate and discourse came screeching to a halt; ideologies emboldened; the American populace has tribalized into their respective corners; politicians and Mainstream Media have profited off of, and inflamed, those fears; protests and violence have decimated neighborhoods; crime is spiking in areas all over the country; the economy is stagnating and inflation threatens to run ever upward; Western governments are mobilizing their control over the forces of violence to beat and imprison their citizens for refusing to comply with the New World Order; Americans have ceded Afghanistan, Americans remain trapped, and the Taliban are officially inaugurating their government on September 11th, as America is once again embarrassed globally, as our President refuses to answer anymore questions on the matter. 

So it appears that our world, our nation, and Western Civilization is undergoing a crisis, that of which our generation has never before faced. Where do we look to solve our nation’s divide? The government just north of the U.S. and the governments around the world, once allies in the West’s fight for freedom just 80 years ago, grow increasingly authoritarian. The French are protesting their government, although we have watched their officers beat citizens who don’t wear masks; we’ve seen the Australians putting their sick in concentration camps, locking them out of the economy, with their doctors citing “the New World Order” (which itself has fueled what was once just called a “conspiracy theory.”  

When the Founders signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, it was not merely the result of a sudden impulse. The Founders had tried to petition the British Crown countless times in an effort to make him realize that the colonists were Englishmen too, that they also had their God-given freedoms as ordained by British common law. In the Declaration, Thomas Jefferson wrote the famous list of grievances, in which he promptly listed every unjust act the Crown had taken against the colonies. The list of grievances in the Declaration drove the point of the American Revolution home: the separation was heavy hearted, the colonists were now officially out of options. 

Joe Biden is playing a similarly dangerous game. It’s already clear that many of the states will not stand for Biden’s top-down approach. The first course of action will most likely be an onslaught of lawsuits, which will take time as they wind their way through the courts. But what happens after that? Just how far is the Biden administration willing to go in its draconian policies? When the states are already huddled in their respective ideological corners, when unhealthy moral attachments have been placed upon vaccination statuses, and when those same attachments are politically endorsed by Washington, how long is it until the states feel they have officially run out of options?

It’s time to address the 500-pound gorilla in the room: the Biden Administration is assembling a medical apartheid state in the United States. Those who aren’t vaccinated for COVID-19 are now being explicitly targeted for making a personal decision that every American once had the right to make. When a President says “This is not about freedom or personal choice,” he does not speak as a President, but as an unwarranted dictator to his evermore dictatorial subjects. 

The seeds of balkanization are being planted by Joe Biden, whether he realizes it or not. It is a testament to what happens when top-down, one-size-fits-all mandates are erroneously conflated with good governance (i.e. in the name of public health). But good governance doesn’t come from mandates; it comes from sound policy that has endured the rigorous debate and deliberation of our national legislature, as well as the various state legislatures and municipal councils and boards of education beneath them. It comes from government cultivating a sense of trust among its citizenry. This trust is built by being honest and forthcoming about the risks, and acting prudently when taking measures to mitigate such risks. But above all, a good government should always provide its citizenry with information so that they may deliberate in their own legislative chambers and town halls and community centers— unfortunately now, they are not merely providing information, they are dictating what is and is not acceptable information. 

When the people are deprived of these crucial tenets of a free society, when their rights and responsibilities are forcefully deferred to a distant bureaucracy that cannot account for the specific needs of each community, the nation that bureaucracy is tasked with governing is doomed to fail. For a nation is only as strong as the numerous little communities that it is made up of. 

The father of modern conservatism, Edmund Burke, believed that the social contract on which societies were built was not spontaneously founded and consented to by people who decided the way they were to be governed, as his liberal counterparts suggested. It was a historical nod to their shared customs, beliefs, and way of living. Conservatives understand that we are tethered to our nation, history, our society, and the little communities that make it up; we are our forebears’ historical keepers, inheritors of our country and our freedoms. We did not erupt from sheer freedom and formed a social contract; we inherited it. Yet our common criteria of our most basic freedoms and culture has eroded at the seams, and it is seemingly imminent that America’s division is growing deeper. 

We are not advocates of balkanization. We, at American Pigeon, feel a strong affection for our country and the core values and principles it was founded on. The Founders also never lost their affection for being Englishmen, even in the midst of the painful and bloody separation. Should President Joe Biden force the several states into a state of absolute despotism, where Federalism is worn down to dust and a standardized bureaucracy can whimsically determine the course of millions of Americans’ lives, it just may propel those states to consider alternative avenues of self-governance. 

The United States was founded not by a band of rulers who took turns being dictator, but by a group of men who were persuaded by the greatest philosophy to ever precede the founding of a nation. This Founding was predicated upon a sacred trust between the government and the governed; but that trust comes with several caveats. If that trust is broken, violated by those charged with governing justly; if the people are deprived of their rights and are forcefully subjected to the ruling of those who shout the loudest— that democratic despotism forewarned by Tocqueville— then they’re propelled into a justifiable state of rebellion where it is now their duty to alter or abolish such government in pursuit of a more just one. 

It is the opinion of American Pigeon that the several states— irrespective of party or political leaning— reject Joe Biden’s heinous overreach of federal power and reaffirm their constitutionally-ordained right to make public health decisions for their own citizens. Either we reaffirm that age-old belief that an attack on one group of Americans is an attack on all of us, or we allow our civilization to be destroyed by poisonous partisan allegiances, whose solidification is exacerbated by power-hungry ideologues stoking the zealousness within us. 

The concept of “purity and danger” has varied in many different societies and cultures. What we refer to as taboo, dirty, dangerous, clean/unclean, out of place, pure and sacred, have been consciously and manipulatively used by governments to segregate a people. While the notable example is 1930-40s Germany that ‘purified’ on the basis of race, we remember how they justified their new standards of “racial purity:” Biology. 

In 21st century America, the vaccinated are laying off the unvaccinated because the government has told them to, and has effectively threatened the noncompliant with unconstitutional action; the vaccinated are labelling the unvaccinated as terrorists because they have been told they are a threat to public health; the vaccinated are shaming young children in classes because they have learned it is safer to ostracize the “other” than to jeopardize your own security; the vaccinated are wishing death on the unvaccinated because “they don’t deserve medical treatment.” 

The U.S. government, with the support of mainstream media, has effectively gained control over the appropriate narratives, sanctioning the noncompliant, curbing the dissidents, and ruining the lives of those who are impure. All in the name of “science.” 

We leave off to consider two points of the German sociologist, Karl Mannheim, who himself escaped Germany in 1937 in an effort to preserve his intellectual integrity in a nation that had become murderously hostile to noncompliance and the “other.” 

The first: that that class which exercises monopolistic control over the moulding of its society’s worldview, may concentrate its power within its social structure, so much that uniformity of thought and experience may be imposed upon others, i.e. those within its own class; otherwise, those nonconforming, will be curbed as undesirables, the dirty, the oppressors, the enemy. 

The second: “Crises are not overcome by a few hasty and nervous attempts at suppressing the newly arising and troublesome problems, nor by flight into the security of a dead past. The way out is to be found only through the gradual extension and deepening of newly-won insights and through careful advances in the direction of control.” 

Conservatives, now would be the time to do something


American Pigeon 


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