"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little."

Edmund Burke


Welcome to American Pigeon. We decided to start this media outlet from the inspiration of voices that have been all too often misunderstood, mischaracterized, and left to silence by the herd of self-righteous and deafened court of public opinion.

At a time no more politically severed than now, accurate, probing discourse has been submerged, and often it seems consciously subverted, underneath hysterics. The persistent issues of our time demand more than unchecked political assassinations. But mostly, there are positions we take, ideological prejudices we hold, and the era of objective truth coming sadly to a halt. It is up to a generation suffering from its own willful ignorance, to break the feedback loop of our self-tailored media feeds and write our words where our mouths speak.

In my time studying sociology, I observed that despite our studies of culture and societies, and what eventually led to their fall, the hatred brewed for our own civilization allowed her people, her students, to actively aid her decadence. 

It isn’t enough to have political and cultural commentary to cultivate a space of probing discourse. That’s why we work hard to provide accurate and brute journalism cutting through the sensationalism, drama, and fear-mongering adopted by the mainstream media. 

In the era of 250 characters, and millions achieving their fix with a like, reblog, repost, and captioned rant, induced with self-prescribed dopamine and “feel-good” politics, it’s within the American interest to put their pride aside and contend with truth— and truth is not something that is conveniently agreeable.

But as our social and cultural institutions crumble, families and friends split, sports and corporations becoming political appendages, schools and universities harboring political motives, inflated with power politics, discursive formations, language alterations, hate-promoted ideologies, historical revisions, and much else, we threaten not to succumb to tyranny, not autocracy, not media and establishment puppetry, but because of these, civilizational decadence.

Our mission is to nurture our dying culture, our once unified social fabric of free speech, entertainment, the arts, and truth.

Over a century ago, pigeons were the unsung heroes of World War I, delivering messages to commanders on the battlefield. At the time, technology was inept and unmatched by these featured soldiers who proved more reliable than telephone and telegraph. 

Today, in an age where our communication is restricted and increasingly censored along ideological lines in the Information War, we are your digital carrier pigeons. We fly above the noisy feedback loops and through political artillery to carry back down to you what is most important. 

That starts here at American Pigeon. 

The Right Side of Civilization. 

—Jacob Yusufov, Founder & Editor in Chief