15 Year Old Commits Suicide After Getting Bullied For Being Unvaccinated

latin school of chicago
The Latin School of Chicago at 59 N Clark St. in Gold Coast (Google Earth)

April 28, 2022

A 15 year old student of Latin School of Chicago, Nate Bronstein, was bullied about being unvaccinated and committed suicide. Latin School of Chicago is a private college prep school that charges $40,000 annually. 

According to court documents from a lawsuit filed against the school April 25, Nate had transferred to the Latin School of Chicago because of their in-person learning during Covid. Not long after, a student started spreading false rumors that Nate was unvaccinated, and that’s when the bullying started.

According to the lawsuit, Nate was vaccinated.

He was bullied daily by students in school and then on Snapchat, including by one student who sent him a message telling him to kill himself. A teacher also allegedly told him in class that he was going “nowhere in life.”

Nate’s parents even reached out to the parents of the student who started the bullying, but to no avail. The lawsuit alleges that administrators, teachers, and counselors ignored and refused to investigate the concerns and complaints from Nate and his parents.

In October and November, Nate’s mother, Rose Bronstein, reached out to the school over 30 times. Nate sat down with school administrators in December, but nothing was done to correct the issue..

He died by suicide at his home in mid January.

“He definitely wanted to go to a college that had big time sports,” said Nate father, Robert Bronstein, in an interview with CBS Chicago. “He loved to make people laugh, and laugh himself.”

Regarding the school, Rose said, “It’s a toxic culture—so toxic that we lost our son from it.”


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